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The Story
-Everything is Upside Down
How to Play
-Getting started!
Your Abilities
-The Many Faces of Mandew Damoleguy!
-They're out to get you.
The Worlds
-Just where are you going!?
Extra Modes
-There's more than just the story.
-Customize your video game experience.

The Story

The city of Salsa

It's been two months since that crazed farmer broke into Moon's office and roughed him up for trying to drain the ocean to free up some extra beach side property. Moon was relaxing with his good friend and business partner, Bob, enjoying tea and snacks (a dish enjoyed by anyone who is rich enough to afford not working in the middle of the afternoon).

Moon Hood

Entrepreneur, business mogul and CEO of Dramoon Real Estate. Moon owns all of the property that the city of Salsa is built on. Thanks to his shrewd business sense and sometimes less-than-legal practices, Moon has been able to stay on top. But what if 'on top' suddenly became 'underneath'

Bob Hood

Their last names are the same because Moon invented Bob, you see.

Business partner and second in command. Moon had such a hard time finding someone who could match his intellect to be his right hand man, he figured it would be easier to just build someone. Bob was in charge of seeing the water pumped from the ocean through to Oar Bay.

Little did Bob and Moon know, there was trouble brewing. Secretly, a giant machine had been constructed beneath Salsa. You don't get to the top without making a few enemies, and one particular enemy, a rival businessman under the alias of 'Mr President' has hatched a fowl plan to take Moon's property out from under him... by lifting him up into the sky.

With the deafening sound of hundreds of miles of earth breaking, the Upside Down Machine lifted the entire city of Salsa into the sky! Now the city is left hanging, waiting for a brave hero in orange to save it.


Mandew would like nothing more than to work in his fields and relax his evenings away, but adventure has a way of finding him. Moon and Bob, with nowhere to go, decide to start life anew in Oar Bay, living rent free in Mandew's living room. In order to get rid of his pesky room mates, Mandew takes it upon himself to stop the Upside Down Machine and restore Salsa to its ride side up state.

How to Play


Control Settings Screen

In Mandew vs the Upside Down Machine, you have three ways to play. By default you control the game with the keyboard, using the keys described in the above image. If you have the required peripherals, you can either choose to use a directInput gamepad (older USB models) or an Xinput controller (Xbox 360 controller). When you select your option, you will be prompted to select the buttons you would like to use for each of the game's functions.

Note: At any time, you can press F2 to reset your controls to the default keyboard settings.

As well, you can hold F1 to see your controls.

Playing the Game

The wonderful world of the Mandew series can be a pretty confusing place. Here's a breakdown of what to expect when touring Salsa and the surrounding area.

1 - Mandew
-Mandew is back again for another adventure. You'll be controlling this guy for most of the game, so get used to seeing him. You can either guide him to the end of the level (usually by holding the right directional button) or lob him off the nearest pit if you feel like it. You are in control!

2 - Enemies
-Once again, mutant donuts with attitude are out to ruin your day. Unless an enemy has spikes on their head, you can usually jump on them to dispatch them. Alternatively you can attack them with one of the game's many power ups. Some enemies might be more vulnerable to one attack than another, so it's best to experiment when you can find the time.

3 - Blocks
-These mysterious floating blocks decorate the land. Nobody really knows where they came from, but you can break them from underneath with your fist or with the hammer. Red and blue blocks, or Power Blocks as they like to be called, will contain power ups and bonus points. Sometimes they are even disguised as regular yellow blocks. It is a little known fact that this is the first game in existence to use this mechanic.

4 - HUD
-The HUD gives you all the information you need to properly do your job. You'll always be able to check what level you're on, just in case you forget. Your score is on the top left and your lives are on the bottom. If you can collect 50,000 points, you'll be rewarded with an extra life for your trouble. If you run out of lives, you will lose 20% of your total score and your checkpoint. If your time runs out, you lose a life. Try not to take too long, shorty!

5 - Checkpoint
-When you pass this sign, the level's checkpoint will be activated. If you happen to fall into a pit or touch a rice ball or something, you can start back at this sign the next time you try the level. Sometimes there is more than one checkpoint in a level. The amount of points you get for passing the checkpoint depends on your form when passing the sign.

6 - Dandelion
-A common weed that reproduces asexually by releasing seeds. If you touch one, it will lose its seeds.

Going for the High Score

In Mandew vs the Upside Down Machine, the goal in each level is to try and collect as many points as you can. You can submit your high scores to the online leader boards when you complete the game. Keep in mind that score doesn't effect your standings in race mode. Here are a few hints and tips to get the high score:

Dispatch foes: Most enemies will award you points when you defeat them. Some ways are more lucrative than others. Jumping on multiple enemies in a row will award you extra points if you don't touch the ground. Hitting enemies with fire or letters are usually worth more points than if you just jumped on them.

Keep your power up: You get more points when you cross check points powered up. In his weakest form, Mandew will only get 100 points, but at his strongest, he will get 1000. Keeping your powered up form also lets you get the full power bonus when you complete the stage.

Get Bonuses: When you complete a level, you'll receive different bonuses depending on what you did in the level. These are easy ways to rack up a lot of extra points.

NO HIT - 2000
-Get from start to finish without taking a hit.
-Finish the stage with either fire, hammer or mail Mandew.
-If you jump on at least four enemies in a row, you will get 500 points multiplied by your best combo.
-You'll get this bonus if you don't use the action button in a stage.
LUCKY 7 - 777
-Finish the stage with the last digit on the timer at seven.
-Finish the stage without defeating any enemies. Making threatening actions like swinging your hammer will also nullify this bonus.
-If you have less than 10 seconds left on the timer, you'll get this bonus
-Bounce off of enemies to get a speed boost. Get a certain speed above your max run speed to unlock this bonus.
-If you started the level at your weakest, you get this consolation prize.

Look for Secrets: There are tons of hidden power ups, lives and point blocks hidden throughout the game. Them more you can find, the more you can maximize your score.

Avoid Game Overs: You will lose a percentage of your score whenever you get a game over. Make sure to stock up on lives in the earlier levels so that you have plenty for when the game gets harder.

Your Abilities!

Basic Movements

Moving left/right
-Using your designated left and right buttons (default left and right arrow keys), you can move to the left or right. Usually you need to move right, but sometimes we mix it up and make you move left too! If you would like to move left or right faster, you can hold the action button (default S). You can even get extra speed from enemies by jumping on them.

-Once again, Mandew can jump like a pro b-baller with the jump button (default A). You can release the jump button early for a lighter jump or jump from a ducking position to execute the spring jump! The spring jump is all the power of a full running jump without the actual running.

-Mandew can duck to avoid oncoming projectiles or low flying enemies. Just hold your designated down button (default down arrow) to duck.

Power Up Abilities

Tomatoes: Pick up a tomato to grant yourself an extra hit. When you are in normal mode, you will be able to find the other power ups in red P blocks.

Fire Mandew
-The red pepper grants Mandew the fire ability for yet another adventure. With the fire ability, Mandew can shoot fireballs with the action button that will bounce along the ground. Usually 2-3 fireballs will dispatch most foes. Onigiris seem to be especially susceptible to fire. You can also press down and the action button in midair to launch yourself upwards.

Mail Mandew
-Grabbing a letter charm will give Mandew the ability to throw other people's mail at things. This is a very irresponsible thing for a mailman to do, but letters are quick and efficient projectiles that instantly make contact with their target.

Hammer Mandew
-The hammer charm will again grant Mandew the power of his signature hammer. When you have the hammer, you can press the action button to strike the ground in front of you. While running, you can execute the hammer grind, and in the air you can perform a hammer spin. The Hammer is a versatile, close range weapon that no farmer should be without.

1ups:You can pick up a pot of maple syrup for an extra life! In race or trial mode, 1ups will award 2,000 points.


You will encounter a lot of roughnecks and hooligans on your way to fix Salsa. It's important to have a firm understanding of what you're up against.


Don't these guys ever quit? The wilds are littered with Onigiri who all happen to have the exact same kind of hat. Well, except for the select few that upgraded to a spiked helmet. Either way, they really hate fire.

Faltzites will home in on you. They can easily be beaten by jumping on them or you can turn them into a living projectile with a hammer attack. What do these guys have against Mandew, anyway?

This strange new threat has brought an army of these guys with them. Fluffs are common foot soldiers for the president and can be found completing a variety of tasks. The regular pilot cap fluffs aren't anything special, but some of them are equipped with helmets, spikes and even cannons! Look out!

These creepy foes wait on ceilings for unsuspecting farmers to run under them. They're kind of slow though, so if they're really high up you can get by before they get all the way down.

Flash the hedgehog startles easily. He defends himself by rolling into a ball and then rolling into you! Maybe if you didn't scare him, he wouldn't have to actively hunt you down and destroy you.

Le Crab
They're armed with snorkels and they know how to use them! They also have claws. When their claws are above their heads, you can't jump on them. Make sure to pay attention or you might get pinched.

Buzzy Bee
These bees tend to get in the way, but you can use them as stepping stones to cross pits and other hazards. They're also great for a speed boost.

Faltzite Mage
These evolved birdlike people are part of an ancient civilization of Faltzites that throw dark magic at you. After attacking, they flee from the stage, never to be seen again...

Well, unless you die. If you die then they all come back.

Terp is Mandew's biggest fan. She follows Mandew wherever he goes. "When Mandew turns to face me, I just die," she says. "One day I'll work up the nerve to ask him out for brunch."

These ghosts often choose to appear suddenly behind you. Unlike Terp, they are not shy and won't rest until you are one of them.

Belial is a no-nonsense kind of guy. As soon as he sees that rugged farmer coming, he lets loose a barrage of fireballs. He also jumps. This guy does it all!

Buppux is a master of the hammer throw. How does he carry so many? How does he throw them so fast? "Years of on the job experience," he'll tell you. Off work, people say he's a pretty ok guy.


Emgee is one of the President's strongest generals. His massive airship is parked just outside of Mandew's home town. He attacks by throwing fireballs and running at you. His one weakness is probably the hammer. First world bosses usually have that problem.

Megafire has set up a perimeter around Salsa, so if you're planning on visiting, you're going to have to go through him. Megafire is a weapons expert who uses remotely detonated explosives and firearms to defeat his enemies. And trust us, a guy this bad has a lot of enemies.

This is only some of what you will encounter on your adventure. Expect a few surprises on your way to liberate Salsa from the Upside Down Machine.

The World

Your adventure will take you through several new and interesting locations. From a windmill village to the depths of the jungle and even into space! Here's a sample of what to expect during your travels.

Oar Bay

In Mandew's first adventure, you only saw the countryside around the village, but this time around, Mandew is taking a shortcut straight through the town. Stop by Oar Bay's impressive mills and face off with Emgee on his airship.


Fabulous beaches, beautiful boardwalks and resort hotels line the ocean. Don't get too relaxed though, hungry sharks and grumpy crabs patrol the waters, looking to start a fight.

It's said that the view of the beach at sunset is to die for.

The Jungle

The heavy rainfall and dark atmosphere make this dangerous jungle a haven for giant spiders, bees and acid-spewing plants. In the deepest part of the jungle, you can find ancient ruins that once belonged to an ancient Faltzite civilization.

Oh, and Megafire is poking around the area as well. Watch out for him.

The Ghostly Tower

At one point, someone decided that it was completely necessary to build this comically tall tower on the edge of the jungle. Whoever built the tower is long gone, and only ghosts and rice balls remain. At the top of the tower, a rare power up that can grant flight can be found. By using this, you should be able to finally reach Salsa.

Upside Down Salsa

You've finally reached Salsa. Luckily, once in range of the Upside Down Machine, you too are pulled in and can navigate Salsa as if it were right side up. By traveling underground to the other side of the uprooted island, you can find and disable the machine, and with it, Mr President's plans...


People speak of a mysterious extra world. Where could it be? How do you reach it? Unfortunately, everyone who speaks of this world, neglects to mention those key details. If you do happen to unlock this secret world, you will be able to play it in trial mode.

Extra Modes

Trial Mode

Once a level has been completed in the main story, it becomes available to play in trial mode. By default, trial mode has you play the level from start to finish, and records your best score and time (checkpoints are disabled). By completing certain achievements, you can unlock medals. Green medals are awarded for completing the stage and logging your first trial score and time. Purple medals are awarded for completing levels without taking a hit and red medals are awarded for completing levels within their target time.

If you don't feel like going for medals and just want to play around, you have the option of turning on checkpoints for a more relaxed experience. This and other options are available by pressing the pause button (default Q) on the trial menu. Note that having custom trial settings will deactivate score keeping.

Race Mode

Race mode is a lot like the regular story, but you won't be able to save partway through. It takes real dedication to go from start to finish to get your time recorded on S&S's online scoreboards. Don't worry about game over though, you will have infinite lives while racing.

If you manage to unlock every stage, you will be given the option to participate in the true race, the ultimate test of endurance.


Settings are accessed via the title screen

Data: Manage your game save data here. You can erase story progress for individual files, achievement progress and trial mode records.

Display: Set the resolution of your game. You have four display options. You can view the action at the original 480x360 aspect ratio, double the fun at 960x720 or go 3x with 1440x1080. The full screen option will automatically scale the display to the largest size that can fit your screen while maintaining aspect ratio.

Sound: Set the volume level of background music (bgm) and sound effects (sfx) on a scale of 0 to 10.

Controls: Controls, as discussed earlier, can be set up to be whatever you like. Use a keyboard, USB gamepad or XInput device to control Mandew.


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