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Achievement Guide

Mandew vs the Upside Down Machine has a total of 27 achievements you can collect throughout the course of the game. Achievements are shared between the game's three files and are not restricted to a single run. If you ever want to reset the game's achievements, you can do so via the options menu on the title screen. The achievement descriptions are purposely somewhat cryptic, so this guide has been compiled to give clear instruction on how to get all 27 achievements, if you choose to use it.

Life Buffer
Difficulty: VERY EASY

"It's dangerous out there, better to pack a few extra lives (10 to be exact)."

This one is simple enough, just get your life counter up to 10 in story mode. It should be very easy to do in the first two worlds. As long as you don't die, you'll only need to collect about four. There is one at the very end of 1-1 and two in 1-2 you can collect. You also get a life for every 50,000 points you get, so keep an eye out for blue P blocks.

Live Fast; Run Faster
Difficulty: VERY EASY

"Get up to speed on the situation. Jump on enemies to gain momentum."

When you jump on an enemy while holding forward, you can bounce off with more speed than you can acquire while running. Just hit a few enemies in a row without losing speed to get this one. Easy stages for this include 2-2 and 3-1. Alternatively, grab the hammer power up in 1-2 and hammer grind off a ledge into an enemy below. The combined speed of the hammer grind and the speed boost will be enough to unlock the achievement.

Watch your Step
Difficulty: VERY EASY

"Try not to disturb the natural dandelion order."

In 1-1, simply avoid touching any of the prop dandelions. If you hit one, just restart the level and try again.

Dandy Destruction
Difficulty: VERY EASY

"Mandew is just helping them spread their seeds."

You'll need to do this in a separate run (or in trial mode) since you can't break any if you're going for 'Watch your Step'. Just make sure you hit every single one on your way to the goal. Look out for the one past the goal, by the 1up.

Clock Watcher
Difficulty: VERY EASY

"You've witnessed a miracle! The clock has changed hours!"

The clock in 1-3 will be in sync with your system's clock. Just be on screen with the clock when your computer hits X:00 to get this achievement. Can be done in any mode.

Ah! My One Weakness!
Difficulty: EASY

"Defeat Emgee with a hammer! He won't like that."

Emgee is weak to hammer attacks (they'll defeat him in just two hits). Simply land the killing blow with the hammer to unlock the achievement. Your closest hammer is at the end of 1 -3, passed the goal. You'll need to take it all the way through 1-4 though.

Sweet Revenge
Difficulty: VERY EASY

"'This is for flooding my fields!'"

You won't be able to do this one in trial, as Moon and Bob only appear in story mode. After collecting the red pepper, backtrack to the beginning of the stage and hit Bob with a fire ball. The resulting explosion will defeat both of them, award you 1,000 points and unlock this achievement.

Flying Ace
Difficulty: MEDIUM

"Is this really your first time flying?"

You'll need to get to the first Moon segment in 2-2 to take a whack at this achievement. Make sure you don't hit any enemies on your way to the end and you'll be awarded with the achievement when you get to the transformation box. Be careful though, it's easy to get hit by Sharc or a bee if you're careless.

Casinos are Crooks
Difficulty: MEDIUM

"Show those shady slot machines the blunt end of your hammer!"

As long as you can reach 2-4 with at least the tomato, you can get the hammer from the first red P block and get to work. Simply hit every slot machine with your hammer (or a rolling faltzite) to destroy it. Once you destroy the last one, you'll unlock this achievement.

Neither Rain nor Shine
Difficulty: HARD

"In an act of true dedication, Mandew made it through an entire level as a mail carrier."

To unlock this achievement, you need to start any given level with letter, and then just make it to the end without getting hit or grabbing a different power. The easiest level to do this is unfortunately 3-2. If you grab a letter power up in 3-1 and keep it until the end, you can start and complete 3-2 without taking a hit. This is also possible in 3-4 or 4-1 as both prior levels give letters.

A Shocking Experience
Difficulty: VERY EASY

"The lightning god demands sacrifice!"

This one is very simple, in fact it's mandatory to kill at least one bee with lightning if you don't have hammer. Simply have the lightning in 3-3 hit an enemy, killing it.

No Letter Left Behind
Difficulty: VERY EASY

"A letter carrier should never waste mail on walls."

You'll get this achievement for hitting ten enemies in a row with the mail throw. The counter will reset if the letter hits a wall or just goes off screen. For maximum easy, just hit a bee ten times, it'll count.

Return to Sender
Difficulty: MEDIUM

"Play a game of tennis with the ghostly Faltzites."

You'll need a hammer to do this. You can get one in 4-2, 4-3 and 4-4. Just reflect a ghost Faltzite's energy blast with the hammer attack to get this achievement. Be careful though, their projectiles are fast.

Difficulty: VERY EASY

"What goes around, comes around."

In any level, just go from start to finish without defeating an enemy. This includes with fire and the hammer. In fact, don't even swing the hammer, it will cause emotional damage to any nearby enemies. 1-1 is your easiest option for this.

Out with a Bang
Difficulty: HARD

"Megafire hates deadly explosions almost as much as Emgee hates hammers."

If you can get into 3-4 with a tomato, you can get the red pepper right away. Keep that power until you get to Megafire and hit one of the flammable barrels to set it off. If Megafire is within range, it will kill him in a single hit and net you the achievement.

Projectile Pro
Difficulty: MEDIUM

"Syax couldn't hit the broad side of a farmer's tan."

During 4-X, just make sure to not touch any of Syax's projectiles and you'll get this achievement when you finish the fight. If your danmaku game isn't strong, this might be a little difficult.

Full Throttle
Difficulty: EASY

"Breaks are a foreign concept, unless we are#talking about breakneck speed."

In 5-2, you can use your designated left button to slow down the cart. Don't do this. At all. If you refrain from slowing down for the entire level, you'll get this achievement at the end.

Megafired Up
Difficulty: HARD

"'This entire situation just burns me up!'"

At the very beginning of 5-3, you see Megafire KO'd. If you hit him with a fire ball, he'll die again, giving you the achievement. The first block just after him will give you fire if you kept your tomato from 5-2, so this shouldn't be too hard. Alternatively, the second block in this level also gives you fire, but backtracking might not be worth the effort. This can only be done in story mode.

The Key to My Heart
Difficulty: HARD

"Collected all five world keys."

In the following levels: 1-4, 2-1, 3-2, 4-1 and 5-4 are hidden keys that unlock each of the game's five bonus stages. Once you collect all five (they can be found in any mode), you'll get this achievement. These keys are also required for 'Life of Trials' as they are unlocked in trial mode.

Difficulty: MEDIUM

"I would rather duel my way!"

Once you get to the boss of 5-4, just wait until your honor hammer expires and you'll get this achievement.

Space Dandy
Difficulty: MEDIUM

"How does it grow out here?"

In S-3 (unlocked by getting the key in 3-2), there is a lone dandelion in a secret alcove just after the first checkpoint. Touch it to get the achievement.

Special Collector
Difficulty: HARD

"Aren't collecting these someone else's job?"

In S-5, at the yellow switch is a little tunnel with a plant blocking the way. You'll need the hammer to get through (or you can just cheese it with invincibility frames, but good luck getting out). Grab the V coin to unlock this achievement.

You Did It!
Difficulty: HARD

"Mandew has saved the day!"

Once you complete the main game in either story or race mode, you'll get this achievement.

Life of Trials
Difficulty: HARD

"Every trial mode stage has been unlocked, you can now play the true race!"

You will need this achievement to unlock the true race mode. Just complete every level in the game (not including the special world) in any mode and find all five world keys mentioned earlier to unlock ever trail mode level.

From Start to Finish
Difficulty: VERY HARD

"Successfully completed the true race."

Better book a day off for this one. You'll need to complete the entire true race in one sitting to unlock this achievement.

Medal of Honour
Difficulty: HARD

"Collected at least 25 medals in trial mode."

In trial mode, you have a chance to get up to three medals for every stage. One for beating the level, one for beating it without taking a hit and one for beating it within the target time. This achievement isn't so bad if you can snag a lot of the early no-hit and target time medals. You'll need 25 medals to get this achievement. That's about two worlds with all medals.

The One True Master

"Collected all medals for all stages. What an achievement!"

You'll need to get all three medals for every stage to get this achievement. Good luck, because you're going to need it...


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