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Mandew vs. the Upside Down Machine

Download: ZIP file - 56.4MB (720 downloads)

Why don't you give the manual a quick read before jumping in? You might just learn something.

Release: September 30, 2014
Current Version: 1.4
OS: Windows Vista and up

Summary: Mandew is back again for another adventure. The city of Salsa (homeland of one of Mandew's previous enemies) has been uprooted and it's up to Mandew to save the day.

Why does Mandew have to do it? Why not?

  • Use the arrow keys to navigate menus and move Mandew.
  • Press A to jump, S to run/attack and Q to pause.
  • Change controls to your liking in game.
  • USB and Xinput compatible.
  • F1 at any time to view full controls.

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