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Release History

Version 5.1 - May 14, 2012

  • Fixed Fire Demon Homeworld running slow after prolonged gameplay.
  • Fixed jittering sprites.
  • Enhanced Wizard's sprites.
  • Changed some level up time cues in Survival mode.
  • Renamed Basic mode to Beginner mode. Added power ups to Beginner mode.
  • Game pauses the timer whie you perform a super.
  • Fixed the Chibeara making the player jump upward when he isn't killed by the pummel attack.

Version 5.0 (fisticuffs edition) - March 14, 2012

  • Jabs can now be cancelled into jumps.
  • Attack noises no longer get loud when you hit multiple enemies with the spin kick at once.
  • Fixed a glitch where Glacier Punch would send enemies flying in the wrong direction.
  • Quieted down the "woosh" and "smack" sound effects a little.
  • Fixed a glitch where spin kicks would stop working if you used an uppercut just before.
  • Fixed a glitch where drop kicking just before using a super let you recover instantly.
  • Spin kick now does proper damage against Berserkers and Chibearas when powered up.
  • The "Dodge" notifier falls off the screen if you get hit just after the dodge.
  • Dodge notifiers no longer vanish if you press down while dodging.
  • Skalkos now only takes fall damage if he is below the screen.
  • Taking fall damage doesn't take logner if you've already just taken damage.
  • Espers now shut off enemy spawns for a full minute.
  • Chibeara's fireball-explosions no longer damage you.
  • Chibeara's attacks speed up after being hit eight times instead of four.
  • Enemy health bars have names on them.
  • Simple mode Jet's health is 3 instead of 4.
  • Simple mode Wizard's health is 6 instead of 7.
  • Berserker's swing does not hit you while you're on his back.
  • Chibeara's quake attack only hurts you if it's at your feet, and you're not in midair.
  • Elite Wizard casts his spells a little slower, but spends less time waiting in between spells.
  • Jets no longer try to attack with bombs twice in a row.
  • Glacier Punch now does damage to Espers.
  • Gave the Esper a beam attack in place of the homing fireball, and more HP.
  • Fixed a potential exloit where players might have been able to keep minibosses alive to avoid spawning other ones. Minibosses left alive for at least eighty seconds start spawning Elite Ninjas.
  • Added the Gladiator.
  • Fixed the Chibeara shooting purple fireballs into the wall.
  • Jets that spawn on the left and right of Technospace now wait one more second before becoming hostile.
  • Flying, frozen enemies are no longer transparent when sent in this state.
  • Fixed Simple mode enemies not getting proper health nerfs.
  • Chibeara no longer jumps away on his easier mode when close to you (unless you try to exploit him).
  • Added a tutorial.
  • Stages and sub modes must now be unlocked.
  • The game now tells you how to exit stages while you're paused.
  • A medal appears next to main maps with at least 100 kills.
  • Technospace's stars now scroll properly and look a little better.
  • Meteors and meteor warnings in Technospace now freeze when performing a super.
  • Power ups won't be collected the instant they spawn.
  • Added a title screen easter egg.
  • Lowered the amount of damage required to deal to recover in Survival mode.
  • Made Gunpowder Cave more visually appealing.
  • Extra lives come every one hundred kills instead of just one, two, and three hundred.
  • Fixed the Survival Mode exploit where repeated drop kicking would keep you safe from all damage.
  • Added flying fireballs to Survival Mode.
  • Made Basic Mode level up a little faster.
  • Put Gladiators in Heaven Mode.
  • Enabled window resizing.
  • All background images now preload.

Version 4.0 - December 6, 2011

  • Fixed a glitch where Skalkos would jump downward when landing on the very edge of a cliff (May still be present, feel free to let me know if you find it).
  • You can now perform a double jump after using a drop kick on an enemy, even if you have already double jumped in the air.
  • Jets that fall into pits now disappear.
  • When wizards cast a spell, they stop the spellcasting sound if it's being played already.
  • Wizard fireball sounds also stop playing if another one starts, and have had their volume turned down a bit.
  • Fixed the Wizard's fireball alerts not being affected by pausing the game.
  • Horizontal Wizard fireballs that are flying at you from the side of the screen will give you a notifier.
  • Fixed a glitch where hitting the Chibeara while he was falling from the gray orb attack would send him back in his regular standing pose when he landed, while doing nothing. This forced the player to kill him with normal attacks.
  • Chibearas that shoot fireballs at you from outside/the side of the screen will give you a color coded notifier.
  • Chibeara's fireballs now have an electrical effect. Doesn't do anything, it's for show.
  • Chibeara will now try to shoot fireballs at you if you try to cheese him with air attacks.
  • Fixed a glitch where enemies would jump downward when landing on the very edge of a cliff (See above).
  • Simple mode nerfs Esper's health to 35 instead of 40, and Jet's 4 instead of 5.
  • Added Technospace stage.
  • Added Fire Demon Homeworld stage.
  • Added Survival mode.
  • Added Heaven mode.
  • Pressing the enter key lets you skip the logo screen.
  • Made a new menu containing the sub-modes.
  • Exiting a game will take you to the menu you were previously in.
  • Added a health meter for the Esper and Chibeara.
  • Added a kill total to the main menu. Does not include kills in the Bestiary mode; there is a separate counter for those.
  • Exiting a game stops all sounds.
  • Reaching level 13 on a normal maps starts up new background music.
  • Settings for music and death screencaps now save.

Version 3.0 - November 28, 2011

  • Absolute Zero's invulnerablility now starts the instant you use it. This way, if you somehow glitch out of the post-
  • freeze sprite, you won't be open to attack.
  • Made the Jet's frozen sprite shiny.
  • Wizard's health has been nerfed to 8 (16 for elites).
  • Fixed Berserkers jumping a second time when they cross a gap.
  • Fixed a bug where frozen enemies could recover quickly.
  • Esper/Chibeara spawn now activates at a maximum of two minutes.
  • Added Carina Ruins stage.
  • Added Simple Mode.
  • If a power up is present as a second one spawns, it vanishes

Version 2.1 - November 10, 2011

  • Jabs can now be cancelled into walking.
  • Spin kicks can be cancelled into regular kicks and flip kicks.
  • Fixed a bug where jumping Berserkers would sit in place after landing until they died.
  • Fixed a bug where knocking a jumping Ninja in the air would only make him flinch for a frame, and set him right back in his jumping state.
  • Wizards now cast horizontal fireballs slower. Also, they can no longer cast vertical fireballs if they flinched.
  • Enemies knocked into the air with a jump kick won't recover instantly when they land.
  • Ninjas, Wizards, and Berserkers that fall down pits stop existing.
  • Ninjas and Berserkers now pause for a third of a second after they jump over a gap.
  • Fixed a bug where using a super while an Esper is present reactivated the spawns when they were supposed to be turned off.
  • Chibearas now net you an extra health point upon death.
  • Chibeara's health has been nerfed to 450 (425 for easier versions).
  • Chibeara's attacks now have longer delay until you hit it a few times.
  • Powerups levitate high enough in the air so that you don't have to jump over them to conserve them.
  • Characters (probably) no longer flip out when they land on the very corner of a wall by the corner of their hitbox.

Version 2.0 - November 3, 2011

  • Fixed a potential exploit allowing you to gain more super meter than the cost of one use. Glacier punch now nets a maximum of 85 super points.
  • Fixed a glitch where hitting a comboed enemy with the spin kick let them recover instantly once they landed, as well as them recovering instantly for some other unknown reason (I hope. This has been a real annoying glitch to fix, so if you see this happen, let me know if you can).
  • Fixed a glitch where dead elite enemies would be stuck in red color.
  • Fixed a glitch where pausing just as a wizard gets ready to cast a horizontal fireball brought up an error.
  • Fixed a glitch where standing at the exact same x coordinate as a wizard made him walk in place.
  • Killing the Chibeara without touching the big red arrow over his head causes the arrow to disappear.
  • Chibearas can now spawn at level 3.
  • Added Bestiary mode.
  • Added Gunpowder Caverns stage.
  • Records now save without random decimals.
  • The game takes a screenshot of itself each time you die. Can be turned off.

Version 1.0 - First Release - october 27, 2011


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