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News and Updates

Introducing Suits Factory 0.1

posted by Syaxamaphone
2015-11-11 13:57:13

After another successful 24 hour make-a-thon, we managed to raise $280.15, destroying our goal of $200 for the Children's Hospital Foundation of Manitoba. During the event, I made a cute little level editor for making your own Vista Quest levels. You can download it here.

There's still a lot I can do to make it better (It's hardly functioning right now) and I do plan to roll out some patches but I'm going to keep that on the backburner for now. Still much to be done before I can focus on yet another full game, so this will have to do for now.

As well, a special thanks goes out to everyone who made art during the stream! You guys are the real MVPs!

Histoire de Lune Official Demo is Out!

posted by Syaxamaphone
2015-08-23 21:10:27

You can play it by clicking on this link right here!

While this is just a demo, the full game is almost complete. It's been almost a year since I started the project during the 2014 24 hour make-a-thon and am looking to wrap up in the next couple of months. Hopefully it will be worth the wait! You can let us know what you think on our forum!

Stay tuned for information on Steam Greenlight!

Syx @ Ai-Kon 2015

posted by Syaxamaphone
2015-07-24 17:52:17

The booth.

Over last weekend from July 17-19, I was at Ai-Kon 2015 showing off some of S&S's games! All in all it went pretty well. People laughed, people cried, someone even DIED... maybe. On Saturday we had Ice Demon playing and people competed for the highest score. While nobody came close to last year's record of 121, held by Dennis Fehr, there were still some mighty strong competitors this year:

1st: Travis Gauthier - 36 kills
2nd: Jordan Stevens - 23 kills
3rd: Patrick Vergil - 20 kills
4th: Shawn Arksey - 15 kills
5th: Mitchell Dushnisky - 13 kills
6th: Samara Brazer - 12 kills

I sincerely thank everyone who stopped by our booth to try our games and leave their feedback. Thank you, friends!

See you in 2017!

Vista Quest Pocket Version 2.0 + Histoire de Lune First Trailer

posted by Syaxamaphone
2015-06-20 23:39:50

Hey friendos, I forgot to post this on the site, but the first trailer for Histoire de Lune went up on the forum and YouTube a few days ago. If you're late to the party, here it is:

As well, Vista Quest Pocket has received an update today. I've done some fixes and level modifications based on community feedback as well as added 9 achievements for you guys to go nuts with.

Version 2.0

  • Close button on the top-right now closes game instead of acting as ESC.
  • Pressing ESC will no longer end the game on pause menu, end game will need to be manually selected.
  • During race mode, EXIT STAGE is now relabeled as RETIRE on the pause menu.
  • Helpful hints located just under pause menu explain menu options better.
  • Default window size is now 2x resolution instead of native.
  • Reduced potential lag spikes in several levels.
  • Added a second checkpoint to 2-4 and 3-1.
  • Moved first checkpoint in 3-5 ahead so moving platform segment would not need to be repeated.
  • Brought Yofukashi's HP down to 3 from 4. Final feather attack fires less rapidly.
  • Added 9 achievements! Collect them all... or don't. It's really up to you.
  • You can now skip the opening logo by pressing buttons.
  • Minor Level Modifications.

The Revenge of the Wasp Woman

posted by Syaxamaphone
2015-05-19 00:41:25

Hey friends, it's been a while! The Revenge of the Wasp Woman has released today. You can play it right now!

Basically it's an infinite shmup where you play as this wasp person who really hates robots. Survive wave after wave of increasing difficulty while earning money and purchasing upgrades. Once you inevitably fail, you can submit your score to the online leaderboard.

Drop by the forum and let me know what you think, alright?

Mandew vs the Upside Down Machine Version 1.4

posted by Syaxamaphone
2015-03-08 19:58:14

Version 1.4 of Mandew vs the Upside Down Machine is out today. This version adds a new tutorial stage that you can play before the main story mode if you're new to the series. It will show you the basics: What helps, what hurts and how to use the spring jump.

Also some bug fixes and other misc changes for an overall better Mandew experience.

  • Fixed some sounds being too loud.
  • Added SFX for swinging hammer.
  • Added star effect and special sound to Spring Jump to diferenciate it from a regular jump.
  • Added optional tutorial stage.
  • Fixed display issue in credits.
  • Fixed Moon not actually being invincible with invincible setting on.
  • Added additional checkpoint in 3-2
  • Emgee only has four HP now, instead of five.
  • Belial jumps before firing first set of projectiles.
  • Minor level modifications.

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