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Khimera 1.3

posted by Syaxamaphone
2016-05-23 14:24:42

Another small patch is coming to Khimera: Destroy all Monster Girls today. It's mostly for fixing the A VERY SPECIAL FRIEND achievement, which based on community feedback, was not a good idea. Instead, a race mode achievement has been added that requires you to beat the game's race mode in under 33 minutes. Good luck!

Version 1.3 - May 23, 2016

  • changed the A VERY SPECIAL FRIEND achievement to the RHY-T ON TIME achievement.
  • fixed graphical error in credits.
  • Victory screen changes
    • now gives you a treasure percentage so you can see how close to A you got.
    • no longer gives you 'new record!' messages every time in race mode.
    • Rank is now awarded before time to make it clearer that time does not effect Rank.
  • Added a bunch of new level intro messages contributed by the community.

Khimera 1.2 is Out

posted by Syaxamaphone
2016-05-16 21:21:57

Version 1.2 of Khimera: Destroy All Monster Girls has been released. Please enjoy this improved Khimera experience. If you have automatic updates active, the update should download automatically.

  • Increased hitbox size on earth breaker. Now lines up with smoke effect.
  • Increased vertical size of dash hitbox by 4 pixels on each side (1.5x).
  • regular and strong punch hitboxes now extend into Chelshia, so you can strike enemies overlapping you (as long as they are in the path of your swing).
  • You can now reflect the pirate explorer's ice picks to pick him off from a distance.
  • Pirate Explorer now climbs slower to allow more time between attacks.
  • Added helpful messages to aid first-time players (for example, when you collect your first fairy).
  • Updated Menu to take into account future content updates.
  • Added 'PRESS A' prompt to direct user to ASD/Arrows control scheme.
  • Added NONE option to dash type so you can play using dash (alt) only.
  • Fixed blockades spawning over the cake in CAKEBOY.
  • Fixed blockades spawning too close together or too close to the spawn.

Khimera 1.1 Update

posted by Syaxamaphone
2016-05-12 19:41:29

If you've got it on steam, it should update automatically for you! If not, then what are you waiting for?

This isn't EVERYTHING that I'm aware of in need of fixing, but it's a start. There will probably be another patch within the next week or so.

Version 1.1 - May 12, 2016

  • Minor dialogue edits.
  • Minor level changes.
  • Chelshia now loses all momentumn when not holding a direction in midair (as apposed to half).
  • Saucy Shot and Demon Fire now do extra damage and knockback in berserk mode.
  • Added music to the title screen! It's pretty groovy!
  • Fixed pogo crashing when used on non-enemy instances.
  • Beetle no longer juts out of the end of platforms when turning around, making it safer to approach them.
  • You can now skip the opening and ending cutscenes with the pause button (default Q).

Khimera is out Now on Steam!

posted by Syaxamaphone
2016-05-08 23:03:38

Khimera: Destroy all Monster Girls is now officially released on Steam. With this, the downloadable version on S&S will be retired and all future support will be for the Steam version.

Though the Steam version is labeled as 1.0, it actually hosts an array of fixes and improvements over the original 1.0 release.

Thank you to everyone who supported me and my work during development. I hope that I can continue to make games people will enjoy for many years to come.

Khimera has been Greenlit! Releases May 9th!

posted by Syaxamaphone
2016-05-03 09:44:18

Khimera: Destroy all Monster Girls will be Suits & Sandals' first official steam release!

The game will be on sale for the low low price of $0.00 (or $0.00 Canadian). You can click here for the steam store page. Why not add it to your wishlist so you'll be ready when it's released.

Khimera: Destroy All Monster Girls is Out!

posted by Syaxamaphone
2016-04-15 18:17:14

Finally after a slight delay, I'm able to announce that version 1.0 of Khimera: Destroy all Monster Girls is out and available for download right now!

Give the game a shot and let me know what you think on the forum. And don't forget that the game is also currently on Steam Greenlight. Whether or not the game makes it, it will always be completely free to play!

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to the game to help make Khimera: Destroy all Monster Girls one of Suits and Sandals' best games to date!


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