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News and Updates

Game Downloads Fixed

posted by Syaxamaphone
2014-07-13 16:48:01

When I changed servers, I forgot to update the database code for the download links and it was causing an error. It's been fixed now, sorry about that.

We've Moved

posted by Syaxamaphone
2014-07-06 01:46:08

I just finished transferring everything over to a new server. SnS is now hosted by hostgator.com, which is apparently a pretty ok place. Previously we were on my friend BrandMan's server as we pretty much have been since back in the early Dino Productions/Sprites Unlimited days. Unfortunately this setup didn't give me a lot of control over how things were operated, so changes needed to be made.

Operating everything myself gives me a little more freedom and now I can focus on getting Sprites Unlimited back up so Belial can get back to work fulfilling all of our pixelated dreams.

You guys however will probably not notice anything since the transition didn't even really take that long.

Vista Quest Pocket Soundtrack

posted by Syaxamaphone
2014-06-13 02:31:25

I uploaded the soundtrack to Vista Quest Pocket just for you!

You can listen to the playlist right here!

Vista Quest Pocket v1.2

posted by Syaxamaphone
2014-06-11 22:55:57

Vista Quest Pocket is getting an update today. Since VQP has gotten fairly popular lately, more reports of the sound engine's DLL crashing have come in, so I'll be converting my games over to another engine over the next few weeks.

Skyscraper Beta 1 Released

posted by dorko4u
2014-04-04 09:10:07

Hey, your good friend dorko4u here. Syx asked me to tell you guys about koth_skyscraper which just got its first beta release last night. You can see a full list of changes, get some download links, server ips and stuff from that handy link I just posted. So jump on the map sometime and give it a try!

Mandew vs Some Level Nerfs

posted by Syaxamaphone
2014-03-16 13:40:33

Hey peeps, Mandew vs the Colorless Curse got an update today. Version 2.1 features a couple of level nerfs. Nothing too special, but you should have a slightly easier time in worlds 3 and 4 now.

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