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Game Info

Release: August 27, 2016
Downloads: 352
Current Version: Demo 1.0
OS: Windows Vista and up

Download: ZIP file - 27MB (352 downloads)

A horde of killer robots threaten the galaxy!

Throneless is a fast paced beat-em-up platformer game. Play as Moon, an energetic and acrobatic lizard trained in hand to hand combat, and his best friend Robob, a robot that fires highly pressured water and explosive charge shots from a cannon on his back.

Switch between either character to best take care of the situation! Pummel and shoot your way through a robotic army to stop a powerful, telekinetic martian from controlling the world.

This demo features the first stage of Throneless. Complete the demo to replay the stage with your special attacks unlocked, as well as the option to equip upgrades to your characters!

Controls at a Glance
  • Use the arrow keys to move your hero and navigate menus. Press A to make selections in menus.
  • Use A to jump or perform a midair action.
  • Use S to perform attacks. When unlocked, press D to perform powerful Bond Attacks!
  • Press Q to switch to your other character.
  • When unlocked, press W to call for help from Mr. President! He is powerful and immune to all forms of damage.
  • Holding D as President allows him to charge his Trainstopper punch.
  • Press E to use Weather Bombs, which have different effects depending on the character that uses them.
  • Press Enter to pause and Esc to close the game.


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