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Game Info

Release: February 22, 2017
Download: ZIP file - 6.4 MB (123 downloads)
Current Version: 1.0
OS: Windows Vista and up

The people of planet Nova travel the galaxy gathering fuel cores, mysterious stones they use to power their planet. It is up to the space soldiers to gather fuel and bring them home!

Space Soldier Nova is a small arcade-style game slated to appear in War Girl, but for the time being, you can play the full version right now!

Many standard features expected of Suits & Sandals games (like custom controls and sound options) are unfortunately absent from this build, but the build packaged with War Girl will have all of the bells and whistles you've come to expect from us!

Controls at a Glance
  • Use the arrow keys to navigate the menu cursor and move Nova.
  • Press A to jump and S to shoot.
  • Press Q or ESC to pause the game.
  • Press F3 to toggle screen size/fullscreen modes
  • Press F9 to save a screenshot.


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