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The Story
-Who turned off the hue?
Game play
-How to do things
Your abilities!
-Just what does this guy do?
-They're out to get you.
-Set your things.

The Story

It was a clear evening. Mandew sat on his porch with a refreshing ice tea and latest issue of 'hammers illustrated magazine'. He thought to himself, "Boy it sure doesn't get much better than this". He was absolutely right, it didn't get any better then that. In fact the series of events that transpired the next morning happened to get a lot worse...

The next morning a package had arrived in the mail. Mandew was perplexed as he had just placed his order for industrial strength orange hair dye only last night. Opening the box he discovered it only contained a single unmarked Game Boy game cartridge. "What an odd present", Mandew thought to himself. Not thinking too far into it, he crawled into his attic, pulled out his old Game Boy and popped the cartridge in.

In a dazzling display of bright light, the world Mandew knew was pulled away from him.

Mandew felt the sensation of falling. Where was he? Why is this happening? Did he remember to take the kettle off the stove? All this and more whirled around in his head when everything went black...

Game play

The Game

#1 - Mandew
-This guy is the star of the show. You can move him around and jump on things. You are in control!

#2 - Enemies
-Even in a pocket dimension, evil rice balls and birds are out to give you more trouble. Dispose of most enemies by jumping on them. Watch out for anything with a spiked top.

#3 - HUD
-Important information that you should probably take note of is located up here. For every 50,000 points you collect, you get an extra life to do with as you please. If you happen to forget which level you are on, a handy reminder is located in the center of the HUD. Your current time is on the far right. In trial mode it counts up, but in story mode it will count down. If you run out of time, it's lights out for you.

#4 - The Bottom of the Screen
-Try to avoid going there, this place is the pits.

Your Abilities!

Basic Movements

-Mandew can run at the speed of a french Canadian who is running! Hold the action button (default S) for an extra boost of speed! Running will allow you to clear longer pits and reach higher platforms! Alternatively you can reach your maximum jump height with Mandew's patented Spring Jump.

-Using the jump key (default A), Mandew can give himself the vertical advantage. Most enemies can be defeated with a jump attack. Jumping is also pretty useful for getting past pits and other annoying obstacles. Jumping is also a good cardiovascular workout.

-Mandew can duck with the down key (default down arrow) to shrink his hit box. Enemies will be amazed when their attacks completely miss! Ducking is also an integral part of the Spring Jump.

Spring Jump
-You've heard the stories, you've read the manuals, you've seen it on TV. It is Mandew's secret technique, the Spring Jump! While ducking, pressing the aforementioned jump button will launch Mandew high into the sky. This extra powerful jump is great for making it from one tiny platform to another tiny platform where running would be too risky.

Power Up Abilities

Fire Mandew
-When consuming a (probably red) pepper, Mandew will feel a burning sensation in his stomach. While he suffers from an ulcer, he will have the ability to shoot fire from his fists! Fire is a great way to defeat enemies from afar. Your typical fireball will bounce a couple times before it fizzles out.

Hammer Mandew
-When in possession of a Hammer Charm, Mandew can wield his signature sledge hammer. The Hammer is great for up close and personal beatings and works on a lot of enemies that the fireballs just aren't hot enough to handle.

Bunny Mandew
-Mandew is actually allergic to carrots. Eating one causes him to sprout rabbit ears that allow him to hover by repeatedly tapping the jump button.

Fast Food Mandew
-Fast-Food action Mandew with real burger-flipping action. Just press your action key to start a food fight. It's that easy! Burgers (and other things) are great for hitting enemies that are a lot higher up than you.


The colorless dimension is filled with undesirables. Here is a handy list of what to expect:

Onigiri: Mandew's feud with sentient rice balls continues! They're a pretty simple bunch, they are weak to shoes, fireballs and well... everything!

Faltzite: Back again and about time too, Faltzites will follow you around. They have interesting reactions to being hit with a hammer.

Spirit Flame: Haunted fire demons (not to be confused with the other kind) that orbit around blocks. They are immune to most everything so it is best to just steer clear.

Ardnaik: Spiders that dangle from the ceiling. They will drop down to try and block your path. They have a habit of only coming down just enough to be at your current elevation. Try using this to your advantage.

Zombie Joe: Zombie Joe watches over scary places like graveyards and caves. Jumping on them simply isn't enough as they can regenerate themselves.

Calcium Joe: Calcium Joe sticks it to the man by throwing pieces of his own body to attack. He is such a rebel that he even ignores the fact that he would theoretically run out of bones, because he doesn't.

Shuffle: Shuffle has a really prickly personality. If you try jumping on him you'll really get the point.

Dorkon: A giant crushing block that will do what he can to iron out the wrinkles in your sweater. Look out below!


Display: In Mandew vs. the Colorless Curse, you have three display options. You can view the action at the original 160x144 aspect ratio, double the fun at 320x288 or go 4x with 640x576. The full screen option will automatically scale the display to the largest size that can fit your screen while maintaining aspect ratio.

Sound: All sounds fall under two categories; background music (bgm) or sound effects (snd). You can change either category's volume level from the title screen.

Controls: The default control scheme uses A,S,Q and the arrow keys. Few know this, but this is actually the best possible control scheme possible on a computer. For those who don't yet realize this, you can change the control setup to your liking. There is also support for USB game pads and Xinput devices (Xbox controllers). Escape key and F9 cannot be remapped.

If you punch in some bad controls that make the game unplayable, you can simply exit the game and delete the 'dewcontrols.dew' file to restore the default setup or press F1 in game.


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