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The Story: When the rain started, Mandew was pleased. Who didn't like a nice rainy day every now and again. It's nice to sit out on the porch while it comes down with your favorite 'fireballs and hammers illustrated' and a nice cup of tea. But that was four weeks ago, the rain is still coming down and it's beginning to flood the fields where Mandew grows his produce. With water levels rising, theres no better time to take action and save the day!

Mandew: Mandew is a jack of all trades, but when his crops are at stake, he takes up a full time hero position to save the day.

Dorko: Dorko is a pretty cool guy. He's so cool that he wears shades even in dark castles. Dorko's taste in real estate leaves much to be desired but his shell spin attack is vicious. Rumour has it he can even jump while spinning.

Bob: Bob is Moon's right hand man. Actually he's a robot. Bob is not a very good fighter and he hates fire. What tricks could he have up his gears?

Syax: Who's that crazy loner living in the haunted castle? That would be Syax. With his army of spirits, he's been given the nickname 'the king of ghosts' even though he's not actually a king or a ghost. Light manipulation is his game, he can create copies of himself to hide in a crowd. Only the real one can deal damage however.

Moon: Moon controls much of the happenings in his home city of Salsa but his real passion is real estate. Moon will do anything to get the land he wants.

How to Play

The Game

#1 - Mandew
-This funny looking character is the star of the show. Guide Mandew to the right towards the goal.

#2 - Enemies
-These guys are out to give you trouble. You can usually dispose of these guys by jumping on them.

#3 - Blocks
-Jump up into blocks from below to break them. Blue P blocks will give you 1000 points and red P blocks will give you a power-up.

#4 - Score
-You collect points by breaking blocks, collecting power-ups and beating enemies. For every 50,000 points you collect, you get an extra life.

#5 - Level
-Shows the current stage you are playing. The first number is the world and the second number is the stage within the world.

#6 - Time
-How much time you have left is displayed here. If you run out of time, you will have to start over. The more time you have left at the end of the level, the more bonus points you are awarded.

The Moves

-Do not underestimate the power of the action button (default S)! Holding the action button allows Mandew to run around. When running at top speed, Mandew can jump higher than usual. Mandew's button-press-induced speed is one of his greatest attributes.

-Years of working as a mailman has given Mandew very strong legs. Mandew can jump with the jump key (default A). Releasing the button quickly will result in a smaller jump. Jumping on foes is the easiest way to dispatch them. Jumping on multiple enemies without touching the ground can net you extra points.

Caution: Not all enemies can be jumped on. Watch out for Fire Jugglers and Rotators.

-Hey Mandew! A bullet is about to hit your head! Mandew can duck with the down button to avoid things that might kill him were he standing. Mandew can also activate the spring jump from this position.

Spring Jump
-The spring jump is activated by pressing the jump button while ducking. Mandew will give it his all and jump his maximum height without the need for running.

Fireball Attack
-When Mandew has the fire ability (marked by a black and red shirt), he can throw balls of fire by pressing the action button. The fireballs will bounce three times before fizzling out. Fireballs can defeat most enemies in one to three hits.

Hammer Attack
-The hammer attack is a powerful melee range attack that can take out most enemies in a single hit. Even a certain boss is no match for the hammer and will surrender after one blow. The hammer is used by pressing the action button while in possesion of a hammer. Enemies such as the Faltzites can be converted into projectiles when struck by the hammer attack.

Power Up!

Block: Jump into a block from below or hit it with a hammer to destroy it. Broken blocks are worth 10 points and can defeat enemies above it when it breaks.

Red P Block: Red P (Power) blocks, when hit, release a power up for Mandew to use. In his default form, the P block will usually drop a tomato. If Mandew has already gotten the tomato, it will release either a red pepper or hammer charm. Some red P blocks are said to contain other things as well...

Blue P Block: The blue P block is worth 1000 points. Many red and blue P blocks are hidden amongst regular yellow blocks.

Tomato: Tomatoes are a farmer's best friend. Grab a tomato for 1000 points and Mandew's trademark orange sweater. While wearing his sweater, Mandew can take an extra hit.

Red Pepper: Find a red pepper for 1000 points and an upgrade to fire Mandew. In this form, Mandew can use his fireball attack.

Hammer Charm: This little charm will give Mandew the power of the hammer and 1000 points. Mandew can use his hammer attack. If Mandew is hit while in fire or hammer forms, he will revert to his original undershirt form.

Maple Syrup: Grab a shining pot of maple syrup for an extra life. Syrups are hidden in secret locations across the game. Keep your eyes peeled.

Goal Block: This shining golden block needs to be destroyed to finish the level. Boss stages don't have this block.

Time Token: In one level, Mandew is pressed for time. He can grab these clocks to add 5 seconds to his timer.

Warp Block: It's been said that these special blocks can be found in some levels. Mandew himself may have seen one in level 1-2...


Onigiri: These jumping riceballs have a bone to pick with Mandew. What created such horrible monsters!? Luckily they're pretty easy to kill.

Faltzite: Faltzites are a common thorn in Mandew's side. These red birds are a little more durable when it comes to fire and will activly follow you. Their biggest weakness is the hammer, which will turn them into a projectile much to Mandew's amusement.

Fire Juggler: These transparent plants throw fire. Mandew can easily jump over them, but it's a little more stylish sometimes to jump between the fire and plant.

Rotator: Despite the name, Rotators actually orbit blocks. Some people say their name is misleading. Others are too busy forgetting to duck to avoid its' wrath.

Bobspring: Foot soldier modeled after Bob. The springy little guys can bounce pretty high, clearing small walls. They don't care for fire much.

Chance: These tricksters love to drop lightning down on innocent farmers just trying to stop forever rains. They have a tendancy to sneak up on you but they'll always show up in groups.

Bullets: Bullets come from the black cannons spread out across the land. Sometimes they're painted white so you can see them at night. How considerate.

Yoshio: Yoshio doesn't like that you're invading his cloud world and he's not the boss of it. He's out to get his feathery revenge.

Bobspring 2.0: This model of Bobspring has been given a cannon to shoot fire. Moon`s most elite guards only seen in two levels.

Snowman: Snowmen stationed across the snowey regions of the mountains are out for blood. Don't start a snowball fight you can't finish.

Terp: Terp is secretly in love with Mandew and just wants his autograph. Too bad her deadly touch is too much for Mandew.

Polter: Polter isn`t shy, he`ll come right at you. He`s also invincible. Watch out!

Compy: This machine is about as two-faced as it gets. One side will give you double-points, but the other will give you nothing.

Spiked Onigiri: First someone spiked the punch and now the Onigiri. You can't jump on these guys, but other than that, it's nothing new.

Oar Bay: Mandew's home turf is being flooded. Little needs to be said about this area. Look out for mutant rice snacks and giant birds on your way to Dorko's summer home.
The Sky: Tricky cloud formations make this territory tough to travel. Moon's soldiers tirelessly work to put water through from Salsa. Bob watches the whole operation from his towering fortress.
Ice Mountain: This treacherous mountain path is the most direct route to Salsa. The ice caves make a wonderful tourist attraction but rumours of Syax's castle being haunted keep all but the most fearless away.
Salsa: The waterfront city of Salsa is a busy city with many great attractions. Too bad you'll be fighting for your life above the rooftops, making your way to Moon's domain.

Trial Mode

The Rules: Trial mode is a special gameplay mode seperate from the main story where you can replay completed levels. To unlock a level in trial mode, you need to complete that level in any of the game's three file slots. In trial mode, there are no checkpoints so you're required to go from the beginning to the end without dieing to get your score and time recorded.

Green stars are given for completing the level in trial mode atleast once.

Purple stars are awarded for completing a level without taking a single hit. These stars can be collected through story mode as well.

Can you get all the purple stars?


Display: In Mandew vs. the Forever Rain, you have three display options. You can view the action at the original 480x360 aspect ratio or double the fun at 960x720. The fullscreen option will automatically scale the display to the largest size that can fit your screen.

Sound: All sounds fall under two catagories; background music (bgm) or sound effects (snd). You can change either catagory's volume level from the title screen.

Controls: The default control scheme uses A,S,Q and the arrow keys. Few know this, but this is actually the best possible control scheme possible on a computer. For those who don't yet realize this, you can change the control setup to your liking. There is also support for USB gamepads. Note that for Gamepad controls, the in-game directional buttons are automatically mapped to the controllers directional buttons. Escape key and F9 cannot be remapped.

Note: If you punch in some bad controls that make the game unplayable, you can simply exit the game and delete the 'dewcontrols.dew' file to restore the default setup.


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