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Setting Up
-Configuring Options!
How to Play
-What to do when pirates attack!
Ragazza Town
-Your friends!
-Your foes!

Setting Up

Setting up your Controls

Control Settings Screen

In Chimera: Destroy all Monster Girls, you have three ways to play. By default you control the game with the keyboard. If you have the required peripherals, you can either choose to use a directInput gamepad (older USB models) or an Xinput controller (Xbox 360 controller). When you select your option, you will be prompted to select the buttons you would like to use for each of the game's primary buttons. You can always hold F1 to see your controls at any time.

If you accidentally put in some bad controls, you can either close the game and delete 'controls.cfg' or press F3 to reset the controls to their default device and configuration.

Customizable Controls:

  • UP: Up arrow - use to move cursors and do other up-like things.
  • DOWN: Down arrow - use to move cursors and other things that usually require a down button.
  • LEFT: Left arrow - use to move cursor and move Chelshia to the left.
  • RIGHT: Right arrow - use to move cursor and move Chelshia to the right.
  • JUMP: A - Have Chelshia jump for you. You press the button and she'll say 'how high?'*. Also for selecting menu options.
  • ATTACK (LIGHT): S - Used to cancel out of menus and have Chelshia do her light attacks.
  • ATTACK (HEAVY): D - Chelshia will do her heavy attacks. Some of these need to be unlocked.
  • DASH (ALT): W - An alternate button to map the dash button to if you don't like the default UP+ATTACK(LIGHT) setup.
  • PAUSE: Q - Pause the game! This can be done in levels or on the map screen.

Function Keys:

  • ESCAPE - Cancels out of menus and will close the game on the title screen. Combine with F1 to close the game at any point.
  • F1 - Will show a handy reference card with all of the controls listed when pressed.
  • F2 - Resets controls to default and overwrites config file.
  • F3 - Resets the screen settings to default.
  • F9 - Will take a screenshot and save it to the game's directory.

*She will not actually do this

The Settings Menu

You can configure other options here

There are a variety of other options besides controls that you can change from the settings menu. The settings menu can be accessed either from the title screen or the pause menu during normal play. The following options can be altered:

  • Dash Style: By default, your dash attack is executed with a combination of UP+ATTACK(LIGHT). If you don't like this very much, you can opt double-tap your walking buttons or have both ways active. No matter the option selected, the DASH (ALT) button will remain active.
  • Checkpoints: This option lets you disable checkpoints in levels. If you want to go for the best time, you'll need to go from start to finish in one go. Turning off checkpoints will make this easier.
  • SFX/BGM Volume: You can adjust sound effect and music volume individually from 0 to 10, 0 being muted and 10 being the loudest.
  • Screen Size: You can adjust screen size between any of the following options. Full screen mode will automatically scale the game to the highest possible size while maintaining aspect ratio.

How to Play

Playing the Game

What to expect from your average Khimera screen

  • 1 - HEALTH Your health! You'll lose some if you take a hit from an enemy pirate. If you run out, you'll be defeated! Pick up food to restore your health.
  • 2 - CASH MONEY Collect treasure from downed enemies. You can also find it just lying around! The more you collect, the higher your rank will be when you complete a stage.
  • 3 - TIME This keeps track of your time in a stage. Try and see how fast you can beat a level, or don't. It's up to you.
  • 4 - CHELSHIA The hero herself! Chelshia will bend to your will with the push of a button. Guide her to victory!
  • 5 - PIRATE Pirates come in all shapes and sizes. If it moves, chances are it's out to get you!

Clearing a stage!

A stage is cleared when you defeat the stage's boss or complete another objective. At this time, your time and cash money are tallied and checked against your personal best. You're eligible for three different medals based on your performance in a stage:

RANK: Your rank is determined by how much treasure you collect. Every stage requires a certain amount of treasure collected to be considered complete and worthy of an A rank. Otherwise, you'll be awarded ranks B through D depending on your performance.

NO-DEATH: You'll be awarded the no-death badge if you can complete the entire stage before dying. Deaths before the first checkpoint don't count and will not effect your eligibility for this badge.

BERSERK: Complete a level in berserk mode to be awarded this badge. You will need to unlock the Berserk Mode costume in order to be eligible.

Checkpoints and Defeat!

Look out for Estylia the gorgon! If you touch her, she'll activate her patented checkpoint magic! If you're defeated, you'll re spawn at the last checkpoint you cleared.

If you run out of health, you'll be defeated! In this case, you'll lose all of the treasure you've collected after your last checkpoint as well as an additional 100. However, you do keep any collectables you've already found, such as fairies. If you are defeated before reaching your first checkpoint, the stage will simply reset and you can try again with a fresh timer and will still be eligible to achieve the no-death medal.


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