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Download: ZIP file - 2.15 MB (367 downloads)

Release: October 11, 2011
Current Version: 1.0.1
OS: Windows Vista and up
Summary: Welcome to the Apple Harvesting Festival! Contestants Mandew and Daisy are ready to roll! See how many apples you can gather before missing three! Watch out for bombs!

Game A: Mandew competes alone for the highest score! Collect red apples and avoid the blue bobs.

Game B: Mandew and Daisy work together in Game B! Red apples only adds to your score if Mandew collect them, and Yellow apples only adds to your score if Daisy collect them! Oranges always add to your score, as long as you collect them.

  • Use Space to select a game.
  • Press Enter to confirm your selection.
  • Use Left/Right to move Mandew/Daisy.
  • When against a wall, you can switch Daisy and Mandew with left or right.
  • Press Escape to end the game.
  • Press F9 to take a screenshot.


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