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should weed be legalized
(04-21-2011, 06:30 AM)Justin Wrote: i dont recall them saying this gingyyyyy

they said if alcohol is legal, then marijuana should be.

that is a bad argument. i said why. where is the trouble here!?!?!
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Oh shut the fuck up with this stupid overused topic in life. People didn't need pot to live perfectly normal and happy lives back in the day and because it was used for medicinal purposes and people got hooked on it that way, and then it spread by association.

You guys brag about it not being addictive or a gateway drug or the like. But everyone knows that bullshit is denial. If it wasn't so addictive of an item, why would you want it to the point that you demand it be legal?

And again with the "If Alcohol's legal, then why isn't Weed?", that's like asking "If killing chickens are legal, then why isn't killing dogs?". It's already a built up habit and way of life (I suppose). While there are problems with alchohol regardless, making two wrongs certainly doesn't make a right.

In a nutshell, quit your bitching. If you want to go burn your already miniscule amount of brain cells of modern society, then go do it in a country run by people who live by that thought style.
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Lol sharc :3 i like that post

And though it isn't addicting cause of nicotine, it is known for being emotionally addicting!
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Goddammit Tero, wiser words have never been spoken, thank you. =)
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well alright
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actually thats a pretty shitty post from somebody mad at the world.

besides being a grammatical monstrosity and barely coherent, he's bashing arguments that weren't brought up in this thread, ignoring arguments that he can't disprove and making things up that aren't true while adding a swear every other sentence to look cool or express his outrage, both of which are wicked gay. he implies that the people using the alcohol argument are stupid, but then he's arguing that people were fine before using weed medically, so they shouldn't use it now. with that logic we shouldn't have aspirin to relieve headaches, because 'in the old days' they didnt have that. which is a retarded concept probably brought on by somebody who was bullied by potheads in high school.

if he bothered reading through the thread he wouldnt be saying 'you guys are brag' about it not being a gateway drug or addictive, because in nobody's post do they argue that and in one of my posts i explain why it is a gateway drug as it stands, and why it wouldnt be if it was legalized. to cite myself;

Quote:The gateway theory is realistic. But only considering marijuana's legal status. When you have to go through a drug dealer to get marijuana, they'll want to sell you other drugs as well.

If legalized, getting marijuana wouldn't expose you to other drugs, and the resources and time spent on prohibiting marijuana could be used to prevent other, more harmful drugs from getting into the hands of kids. or anybody for that matter.

sharc Wrote:But everyone knows that bullshit is denial. If it wasn't so addictive of an item, why would you want it to the point that you demand it be legal?

oh please, i could explain to you twenty different ways why youre wrong but you havent even given me anything to work with. you expect me to take you seriously, but this is what youre giving. 'its bullshit'. what conclusion am i supposed to draw from that? why are you calling bullshit when the only thing youve posted is bullshit.

to answer your question, im not arguing that any drug is better than no drug. however i dont agree that anybody has the authority to tell you what you can and cant do with your own body as long as the result isnt lethal, which smoking weed isnt. speaking from personal experience which you obviously have none, i can tell you weed isnt any more addicting than coffee, or a really good video game. i havent smoked since sometime around christmas, and before that at the beginning of the school year. its something i do when im offered it. obviously youre not going to take my opinion into account, so go do some real research. look up clinical studies and reports instead of watching abovetheinfluence commercials. the reasons why anybody would want it legalized are pretty plain to somebody with common sense. despite what you think a lot of people smoke pot, and they arent all mad ganstas nigga. some people dont want to break the law, some people dont want to fail a drug test, some people dont want to hide it.

your argument against the alcohol argument is almost as retarded as the latter itself. following your train of though that its already a built up habit of life, whatever that means, we should probably still have slaves huh? and i dont know why leckaa's on the computer... according to you she should be making me a p delicious sandwich right about now. legalizing it doesnt make another wrong; alcohol isnt a wrong to begin with. it can be abused just like anything else, but a lot of people like to use both as a way to destress after a long day at work or to lubricate social situations. you sound like a closeted 12 year old.

in a nutshell, shut the fuck up. you could have ended your post with dignity but instead you referenced an outdated study thats been dismissed as garbage. its ironic youre calling 'us guys' as a collective cell defficient when you have no idea what youre talking about.
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I love how this has turned out.

Weed is a rather harmless drug overall, and the fact that it is illegal in the first place is just silly. Out of all of the things out there that you can put in your body, this one ranks well towards the bottom of the totem pole. People should be allowed to put what they want in their body as long as they aren't harming society. Weed? Nah, people who go out and do the really stupid stuff are those who're on the crazy shit. I don't smoke and I never really found it to be as enjoyable as everyone says, but you shouldn't take that right from anyone.
"I believe that even the simplest chunk of flesh has every right in the world to be alive."
- Dr. Gabriel Schreklich, Night of the Dead: Leben Tod (2006)
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zombiefood i bestow upon you the seal of lady rainicorn [Image: Free_Lady_Rainicorn_Icon_by_Picklecheesepie.gif]

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Plus the second-hand smoke is unbearable. My neighbors are fucking potheads and all the smoke comes and permeates in my household for hours, good thing I'm moving soon, I really fucking hate it when they smoke that shit.
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