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Mandew vs the Forever Rain+
[Image: logo.png]

[Image: screen1.png]

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A mysterious rainstorm has been pelting the town of Oar Bay for several weeks now and local farmer Mandew is starting to suspect foul play. As his fields flood around him, he sets off on an adventure to find the source before its too late!

Mandew vs the Forever Rain+ is an enhanced remake of the original released in 2010! This new version features updated visuals from Mandew vs the Upside Down Machine with a new engine enhanced to run at 60 frames per second.

Controls at a Glance
  • Use the arrow keys to navigate menus and move Mandew.
  • Press A to jump.
  • Press S to run, you can jump higher by running.
  • While crouching with down, jump to do a Spring jump!
  • Controls will be editable in the final version.
Thanks given by: Shooting Star Azure , Belial
[Image: DLTgaVm.gif]   ƎפN∀ɹ+S     SI        ƎƆ∀ԀS   [Image: DLTgaVm.gif]
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