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hello hello!
hi everyone, im robin blend! i write music and im a big fan of khimera destroy all monster girls! ^ -^
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Hello and welcome! Unfortunately, at this time the forum isn't very active. The discord chat however, (which found near the bottom of the page and can be joined by clicking "Connect" and using a discordapp account) is quite active and has several channels for things like: upcoming game spoilers, showing off stuff people have made and getting constructive criticism for them, general discussions and more. While there's nothing wrong with using the forum, you may not get many replies (if any) due to a large majority of people just using the discord chat.
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Quote:I should ask Dr. Mario for medicine. Maybe hit up Little Nemo for a sedative. And slip into a Final Fantasy until the sequels get repetitive.
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Maybe Robin Blend is the member we need to save us all
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(07-25-2017, 11:37 AM)Syaxamaphone Wrote: Maybe Robin Blend is the member we need to save us all

But that's supposed to me...

Welcome to our dead forum, Robin. Enjoy your stay.
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I remember when I was the hero who came to make the forum more active.
Then the discord came.
Now this forum is left a ghost town, a shell of what it once was.
(07-22-2015, 05:52 AM)Syax the sux Wrote: All you gotta do is be all like, "Hey chat, pip pip cheerio, wanna play some o' the ol' video games with me? God save the Queen" and I can assure you at the very least, you'll hook Yoshio.

I am the only person who still uses XD do not steal the XD original XD user right here.

Also if you want to call me something shorter than Sameoldrandomanonguy, you can just call me anon-kun...
or Patrick.
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