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Chi's Khimera Collection
Here's a doodle page I did after I beat Khimera. I never really got around to posting some of these on my blog, and now it feels like too much time has passed. Thought i'd post them here, though.
Let me know if anyone has a request. I've been slacking on my daily doodles so that might give me some motivation. (:
[Image: tumblr_or1c8oAOiB1tsvnrfo1_r1_1280.png]
[Image: tumblr_or40z462sD1tsvnrfo1_540.png]
That feel when you finally get to the boss in Icy Path during a Berserk race.
Here's another one. I like this Chelshia more than the first one. Can you tell what my favorite outfit is?
Thanks given by: Dan J , Space , Syaxamaphone , dorko4u
You belong here.
[Image: DLTgaVm.gif]   ƎפN∀ɹ+S     SI        ƎƆ∀ԀS   [Image: DLTgaVm.gif]
Thanks given by: ChioxNevermore
I love these!

I am glad you recognize the secret mouthdface/eyeface otp
Thanks given by: ChioxNevermore
[Image: Nq8Q7s9.png]

(How else is she supposed to know it's candy?)
Thanks for enjoying my stuff!
Thanks given by: Dan J , dorko4u
Ah, I love this art! Great stuff.
[Image: Tz9C6Nk.gif] [Image: tumblr_nczob6jpmH1qk6z3co1_500_zpsdsmj1euq.gif] [Image: wOSLlsA.gif][Image: EnGrQ7o.gif]
Thanks given by:
i love everything with eyeface and mouthface
[Image: T1oehvR.gif][Image: a3f.gif][Image: T1oehvR.gif]
Thanks given by:
Please continue to fuel eyefacexmouthface
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