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Bully the Syx
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In this thread we make fun of everyone's least favorite lieing lizard licker.

[Image: Sq3Hny6.png]
[Image: DLTgaVm.gif]   ƎפN∀ɹ+S     SI        ƎƆ∀ԀS   [Image: DLTgaVm.gif]
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Nah, I'm good.  Instead I'll post good things about Syx...

While Syx likes to bully people, he is truly a good friend who is willing to forgive a lot. He is mature (at least when compared to myself, who despite being older than Syx, is a lot more childish.) He's extremely creative and has a great skill in art-related stuff (His vector art is awesome, the backgrounds he does for his games are awesome, and he has great potential of making sweet pixel-art animations and such with some more practice and study.) He is knowledgeable and savvy enough to help a lot of people out with certain stuff, and find out solutions to problems he doesn't have an answer too. And I like that he doesn't like to settle for poor or sub-par quality unless he absolutely must.
[Image: QJMycct.png]
Quote:I should ask Dr. Mario for medicine. Maybe hit up Little Nemo for a sedative. And slip into a Final Fantasy until the sequels get repetitive.
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He's come a long way since Super Purple Bros, Ultimate X, NESallstars and vq2. It gives me hope.
Syx is a guy that I can look up to but at the same time look at eye level 'cos we are the same height. That being said I would still love to knock him over and look down at him.
[Image: DLTgaVm.gif]   ƎפN∀ɹ+S     SI        ƎƆ∀ԀS   [Image: DLTgaVm.gif]
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You can't knock me down I am too strong.
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(05-17-2017, 04:56 AM)Syaxamaphone Wrote: You can't knock me down I am too strong.

I will force you down to the ground and put kisses on them cheeks.
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