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How do YOU watch your anime?
720p best p imo, unless its the BD rip.

but you fuckos should be buyin' those.
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Where's "RMVB 25mb per episode"?
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Sitting down with some chocolate and-

Oh its that kind of thread.

I dunno, whatever quality's available. I'm not particularly picky as long as its 480p above.
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12.5 youtube cam rip obvs choice.
but i normally watch it in 480 so that there is zero chance of buffering.
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I am the only person who still uses XD do not steal the XD original XD user right here.

Also if you want to call me something shorter than Sameoldrandomanonguy, you can just call me anon-kun...
or Patrick.
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1080p most of the time. My eyes deserve the best.
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1080p or 720p no lower.

I do not watch GARBAGE!
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'cuz you're in one

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I don't.
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Best I can get not below 480p
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Anime: Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid
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haha my choice turned out to be the least popular one
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