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Official S&S Discord
I decided to make an official discord for S&S. It will be open to the public (just click the link below). I'm not going to post any rules, so just try to use common sense. Server will be considered an extension of the forum so depending on the infraction, it could have consequences across both chats and the forum as a whole.

Get Discord
Join Server
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wtf is a discord
[Image: PFz1Ign.png]
[Image: puf4wvh.png]
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#3 get with the times old man
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"i'm not a young man anymore"
-Belial the Hedgehog 76
dorko4u dance                                                                                                                           dorko4u dance  
dorko4u dance [Image: UP29pEX.gif] dorko4u dance
(03-08-2014, 04:19 PM)dorko4u Wrote: you best get used to fanboy forums

'cuz you're in one

Quote:From the uncreative mind that dumped Sword Art Online into your face comes his other famous light novel series, Accel World. I really don't see how people actually think Reki Kawahara's works are good. They're not. They're merely otaku-pandering wish fulfillment that's all style and no real effort put into them.
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