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War Girl - NCFC Demo
Visit the War Girl Booth

[Image: 4Hrlcne.png]

The robots only know her as 'the antagonist', a one-woman army who has been fighting back against the robots, slowly loosening their grip on the human race for the past two years. But why is she doing this? What... or who is she fighting for?

From the creator of Khimera: Destroy all Monster Girls comes a fast-paced platformer/shooter hybrid where you take on the role of War Girl, a soldier the robots only thought was a myth... until now.

Defeat robots to gain money and experience to upgrade your weapons and abilities. Purchase new, unique weapons and upgrades to expand your arsenal. Find artifacts that uncover the story of how the robots came to power, complete objectives to unlock cool extras or just chill out in the arcade and play video games instead.

[Image: sC7QNzZ.png]
  • Use a hybrid mouse/keyboard control scheme
  • W,A,S and D to move War Girl (W will also interact with objects)
  • Press Space to jump, again in midair to double-jump!
  • Press Shift to dodge, avoiding attacks and maneuvering out of sticky situations.
  • Press Escape to pause the game.
  • Shoot with Left Click and fire your grappling hook with Right Click
  • Use the mouse wheel to cycle between weapons on your quick-select!
Known Issues
-Some graphics (mostly the shop and main pause menu) are placeholders so some things might not look like they fit in.
-All sound effects and music right now are placeholders
-voice clip volume is a little off and will be rectified in the final release
-Some apps on the pause menu will not be available
-controls cannot be edited in this version, but this is a planned feature.
-in the event you run out of ammo, you will have a melee weapon to fall back on, this weapon is not available in this demo.

Main Program and Design

Art + Character Design

Voice Talents
War Girl - Heidi Tabing

Sound Effects/Sound Engineering

Special Thanks
The Good Job Club

ModeSeven Font by Andrew Bulhak
Thanks given by: Coffee , Dan J , Buda
Oooooh wow, this was quite fun.  Thought dodging was a little difficult but everything else feels fairly smooth, especially the grappling.  It's weird just how much the game's changed, but it's a lot better now, I think.  I want to play the rest!
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Right now dodging is not super good for combat, but its great for mobility (its almost like a third jump at times). I'm planning to add a mini-dodge you can do by dodging while ducking that won't fire you off onto another planet.
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Voice acting and artists huh, you're going places SYX.
[Image: tumblr_olfkvzcXWC1sxfvy5o1_500.gif]
Anime: Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid
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Quote:-in the event you run out of ammo, you will have a melee weapon to fall back on, this weapon is not available in this demo.

I played the demo without reading the full list of all the known issues, so I was going to suggest something in regards to this... but you've got it covered it seems. Anim Bob Eyes

EDIT for those using the Ice Demon Blue theme: [Image: B761KdA.gif]
[Image: QJMycct.png]
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Luigi Stare
[Image: T1oehvR.gif][Image: a3f.gif][Image: T1oehvR.gif]
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I really enjoyed the demo. After playing enough to get to the second level on the first two guns, it's actually nice because it feels as though the bullets get a little beefier, or atleast for the peashooter it feels that way. I enjoyed the game and it feels like there are a lot of places to eventually put secrets into the level.
I liked how with the sawblade boomerang, if you fired within a sweetspot, the blade would be just at the end of its range and would do a ton of damage to an enemy, Hopefully that is intentional. It might be kinda nice to have an easy way to tell where the effective range is, or maybe there is a way and I'm dumb.

There are three bugs I found though.
1- Right outside of the secret entrance where there is a music chip hidden inside, there is a turret right below the platform. If you stand directly above this turret (The one directly outside of the secret entrance, the one with the fire symbol that you shoot with explosives to get rid of) the turret can shoot through the floor and hit you.
2- If you click exit on the shop menu, it fires your gun.
3- With the eyebots that scroll towards you, their drops can get stuck inside of blocks, which is easy to do if they are in a tile and you use the grenade launcher to kill them. That isn't such a big deal though because it is just a small ammo box, but regardless, it's there.

Besides that however, I really enjoyed playing the game and am excited to play more of it.
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She lives!
[Image: PFz1Ign.png]
[Image: puf4wvh.png]
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