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Hi, I'm working on a game called Throneless.

Starting today, the demo is released! Feel free to post opinions and discuss it here if you check it out.
Thanks given by: Megafire , Dan J
Bob you fucking did it! I am proud of you, my good buddy!
Thanks given by: Bob Hood
It's finally happening.
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(03-08-2014, 04:19 PM)dorko4u Wrote: you best get used to fanboy forums

'cuz you're in one

Quote:From the uncreative mind that dumped Sword Art Online into your face comes his other famous light novel series, Accel World. I really don't see how people actually think Reki Kawahara's works are good. They're not. They're merely otaku-pandering wish fulfillment that's all style and no real effort put into them.
Thanks given by: Bob Hood
This is really fun so far! I like how Moon plays like Skalkos from Ice Demon, and Robob's playstyle is very interesting too. I could see myself playing this a lot.

also those secret death robots, haly shet
[Image: Tz9C6Nk.gif] [Image: tumblr_nczob6jpmH1qk6z3co1_500_zpsdsmj1euq.gif] [Image: wOSLlsA.gif][Image: EnGrQ7o.gif]
Thanks given by: Bob Hood
One thing I really like about the game is how fast it is. Attacks are fast, progress is fast, enemies are fast, but it still all feels fair.

I think that it will be one of S&S's best when it is done.
Thanks given by: Bob Hood , dorko4u , Megafire , Dan J
good job bob

everything is very fast and i like that boss
[Image: T1oehvR.gif][Image: a3f.gif][Image: T1oehvR.gif]
Thanks given by: Bob Hood , dorko4u

If you don't feel like playing it yourself (why are you even here then), you can watch MG and I play it instead!
Thanks given by: Bob Hood , Dan J , Buda
[Image: odQ89aWl.png]

lol pretty rough getting through certain parts, but really enjoyed this, bob. amazing job. as far as suggestions, my only two are that there should be more sound effects, and that robob's laser could benefit from being diagonal as well.
Thanks given by: Bob Hood
Holy shit Faltzer himself has descended from the heavens to play Bob's game!

Also what parts did you think were rough? Gotta gather that info for future reference.
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(by rough i mean hard btw)

the second to last ambush of enemies and the final boss. they kicked my ass quite a few times until i discovered their patterns.
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