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Discoloration issue
(06-15-2016, 06:25 AM)Dan Wrote:
(06-15-2016, 04:42 AM)Shooting Star Azure Wrote: What I see is just the correct image, so it must be flickering between two correct versions of it.
The .gif composed of the two images (and only the two) you posted side by side in the earlier post. Their urls/ilenames were different so I dunno what to tell ya.

(06-15-2016, 04:42 AM)Shooting Star Azure Wrote: [Image: 7uQVy60.png]
Here is what I see which.. got discolored as well, so the second one is completely purple to me, lol.

This however, does have a clear distinction between the two, but unless I'm misunderstanding what you wee saying... you intentionally made a difference between the two to show what you are experiencing. (And even while doing so, you experienced even more discoloration on your end. Yes?)

Nah, that's a screenshot, as that seems to be the only way I can show what I am seeing, since what I'm experiencing is different from others.  I didn't apply any image filters to get something close, that's the thing I'm actually seeing.  But it got discolored as well on my end, so what you are seeing is the correct one along with the discolored one I've been seeing, while I see a double discoloration in play, so to me it's the discolored one along with a double discolored one, where the flares are completely purple.

I did save that one in MS Paint under .PNG, but when I Save As over it on Paint.NET, it uploaded just fine..

So for now it seems I need to save as .PNG and not .png, save on Paint.NET, and make sure it's on 32-bit, for it to display correctly.  But I wouldn't be surprised if the issue came up again.

EDIT: Did a screenshot to get a triple discolor

[Image: SUwne4z.png]
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I talked to Azure on steam and cleared up a misunderstanding I had which others may have had/be having too. The problem stems from chrome & firefox (although not IE) displaying the colors wrong. The colros appear fine on the computer. (However, this only seems to be the case for Azure's computer. Even my crappy windows XP netbook did not have this problem.) I'm going to google a bit, but if anyone has an idea what might be causing this (possibly exact setting configuration) let us know here. Thanks.
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.png or .PNG does not make a difference, it was just an ongoing coincidence with a few images.  That seemed like a silly fix, but I have to guess on every little thing as for what the cause is.

So now.. as of my latest observation, I think I got it working now? I typically have a work file I start up in MS Paint and then paste each finished sprite to its own file when done.  It seems when I paste directly over to Paint.NET to remove the background and save, is when I get the discoloration upon upload.  But if I paste into another MS Paint file and save, then load that file up through Paint.NET to delete the background and save, it uploads correctly.  And for when I have updated a sprite, I can paste directly into a Paint.NET file that was previously originally saved in MS Paint with no discoloration.. it seems to only be files where the original save is on Paint.NET that causes issues.

Of course, as my previous observations were false, this could be too.. but I just turned a batch of 15 or so sprites pasted directly to Paint.NET that got discolored to correctly uploaded by going the MS Paint way. I do remember pasting through MS Paint forever ago but later thought it would save time to paste directly in Paint.NET... which would be when the discoloration issue began.  Odd, it's a slight hassle, but as long as it works then that's all that matters for me.
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#24 is garbage this is your problem
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