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2015 Holiday Tree
[Image: Tree2015.png]

It is once again that time. I've pulled the tree out from under the stairs, dusted it off and placed it on the front page of the forum! As per usual, post your ornaments here and we'll put them on the tree. Everyone who participates gets a cool badge and that warm holiday feeling inside.

2014 Tree
2013 & 2012 Trees
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[Image: decemboosmoll_by_buttingston-d9iygql.png]
put me on the tree
[Image: T1oehvR.gif][Image: a3f.gif][Image: T1oehvR.gif]
Thanks given by: dorko4u , Mephiles , Syaxamaphone
After thinking for a bit, I looked at SYX's avatar and thought... that's it! A dullahan! Just use her head as a decoration~ (Maybe even the topper)

[Image: lala%20head_zps2equsb8v.png]

But... With my transparency attempts, it's uh, got some not-so-great edges... So I'm just gonna give SYX this and hope he can manage. k good luck
[Image: Tz9C6Nk.gif] [Image: tumblr_nczob6jpmH1qk6z3co1_500_zpsdsmj1euq.gif] [Image: wOSLlsA.gif][Image: EnGrQ7o.gif]
Thanks given by: Syaxamaphone
[Image: TdyDuK2.png]

wouldn't be christmas without the yoshibros

in ornament form
[Image: 29zbzus.gif][Image: 2v29yys.gif][Image: 29zbzus.gif]
Sux Wrote:I once had a dream that Yoshio irl was a cute anime girl
dorko4u Wrote:Yoshio sometimes I swear your brain's the size of a pea!
Thanks given by: Syaxamaphone
maybe i'll make a new one this year. I felt kinda bad last time for just re-using the same one.
[Image: PFz1Ign.png]
[Image: puf4wvh.png]
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[Image: gCD63If.png]

You can never escape it, Syx.
[Image: QJMycct.png]
Quote:I should ask Dr. Mario for medicine. Maybe hit up Little Nemo for a sedative. And slip into a Final Fantasy until the sequels get repetitive.
Thanks given by: Shooting Star Azure , Syaxamaphone
I have updated tree.

I will try my best to update daily or as ornaments come in.
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Ahh woops, was too slow. Had a topper idea but it can also work as a normal ornament.
If at first you don't succeed.. you fail.
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[Image: jb1qfa.jpg]
[Image: 28rocit.jpg]
Thanks given by: Dan J , Yoshio , Syaxamaphone , Megafire
Decided that I wasn't going to burn the tree down this year. So instead, I went into MSPaint and made this thing.

[Image: 9LPQDRE.png?1]
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Thanks given by: Belial , Dan J , GoldenFlaire

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