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Suits Factory
he might be running into you while the title is being displayed, this is something I need to fix by the next patch.
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Version 0.11 is out:

Bug Fixes:
-Enemies can no longer be placed on the hero spawn object.
-Enemies do not spawn until after level intro animation is passed.
-Fixed bgm continuing after level is complete.

New Features:
-New feature introduced, middle clicking can quick-change some placable objects.
-If you don't have a middle mouse button, you can press Q while the cursor is over an object as an alternative.
-You can now middle click spikes to toggle their orientation.
-You can now middle click Hisubo to change him to his Autumn variant.
-Added solid block formations. Middle click to change color pattern.
-Added Pingo and Pingon, the mushroom monsters from the original Vista Quest. Middle click to switch between them.
-Added Sky background option.

All previously made levels should still work just fine in version 0.11. Download link is the same as in the first post
For some reason, before it wouldn't correctly save my levels, but now it does so I can load them, so that's nice.

Could we get checkpoints?  And maybe coin counters.  I'd also like a way to get out of playing a level besides completing it, because you might accidentally have made the level impossible to beat.

Some background tiles would be great, so we could have caves and background decorations like trees.  Right now I'm using the wood platforms as tree trunks, so at least there's that for now.  
If at first you don't succeed.. you fail.
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You can actually press Escape to leave the level and return to the editor.

So far everything you've listed are things that I want to eventually do. It'll just take time since I'm dedicating most of me time to other games.
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Nice to know about the Escape button, thanks.

Few new bugs I've noticed:

-If enemies overlap and you stomp on them, only one dies and any other kills you
-You can walljump off the level border
-Spike hit box is strange, you can fall through spikes and possibly not die
-You can place many of the same coin on the same tile, same with enemies (and for blocks but that's convenient I think)
-When the player or enemy is defeated, they fall behind blocks and not in front (not sure if intended)

As for other stuff that would be cool to have:

-More colors of same tiles, perhaps group the green, brown, and purple blocks into one button that when clicked brings up a small popup menu with the 3 along with more colors, with other tiles also having several colors
-Environmental tiles, like sand, clouds (especially for sky background), stone, and bricks for castles
-Liquids? Could skip swimming and just have water slow movement, and lava would just kill you.
-Turn the drag arrows into diagonal arrows instead, to allow horizontal stretching, vertical, or both at the same time
-When placing a block, if mouse button is held down still, can immediately stretch block
-Have a draw mode to make more complex block formations easier to make
-Be able to move canvas if clicking on blank space and dragging
-Have a select tool, where you can select a chunk of the level and move all of it together
If at first you don't succeed.. you fail.
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I didn't talk about this at all but you can actually hold shift to multi-select objects and then use WASD to move them around.
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It's been a little while but I've got another update coming. Here's a preview:

[Image: EOlOUSJ.png]

I'll be dropping this hot album on Saturday.
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Strictly hypothetical question here. If there were an alternate costume for Vistaman included in the next update (not saying there will be), which costume would you want it to be?
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mandew shirt
[Image: 29zbzus.gif][Image: 2v29yys.gif][Image: 29zbzus.gif]
Sux Wrote:I once had a dream that Yoshio irl was a cute anime girl
dorko4u Wrote:Yoshio sometimes I swear your brain's the size of a pea!
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A costume from the Vista Quest series.
[Image: Tz9C6Nk.gif] [Image: tumblr_nczob6jpmH1qk6z3co1_500_zpsdsmj1euq.gif] [Image: wOSLlsA.gif][Image: EnGrQ7o.gif]
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