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Dating a Team Magma Grunt (Doujinshi)
Chapter 10 has been out for a month

Unfortunately the author has to do military service for 2 years, so no more chapters for that long. At least he left it with a beach comic.
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Anime: Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid
Thanks given by: Dan J
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Thanks given by: Emerald Emblem , Dan J
I have good news.. and I have bad news...

Good news: Chapter 10.1 & 10.2 are a thing:

Bad news:
Author doesn't have any plans to work on it anymore.. at least not anytime soon I should say. They want to focus on life and their real passion: cartoons. [Source: Author's blog: Page 4. (For whatever reason it wouldn't let me get an URL to page 4, so you'll have to go to the link and then page 4. You'll also need to use somehing like google translate.)]
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Quote:I should ask Dr. Mario for medicine. Maybe hit up Little Nemo for a sedative. And slip into a Final Fantasy until the sequels get repetitive.
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That's ok, it was a great series while it lasted. I'm glad I got to experience these nice comics.
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