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Suitgames Character Fan-Art Contest
Hello chit chat, today is the day where we start the first ever FAN ART CONTEST. Not just any fan art, no, but art for our glorious homemade vidya game heroes!
That's right, art for any of our Suit Games from Vista Quest to Ice Demon. Everyone who participates will get a nice pretty ribbon and then all the art will be judged by elite art expert, Moon Hood! The winner of the judging will get a REALLY nice ribbon

The games you can draw from are:
Vista Quest Series
The Mandew Series
Four Witches
Ice Demon
War Girl
Final Boss

Take your PIC and draw up a good one! Good Luck! snoop
Contest ends on 9/11

*Note if you make inappropriate art of 4 Witches you WILL be permabanned. Have fun C:

Player 1 Player 1 Player 1
Sypher Alt
dorko4u dance                                                                                                                           dorko4u dance  
dorko4u dance [Image: UP29pEX.gif] dorko4u dance
(03-08-2014, 04:19 PM)dorko4u Wrote: you best get used to fanboy forums

'cuz you're in one

Quote:From the uncreative mind that dumped Sword Art Online into your face comes his other famous light novel series, Accel World. I really don't see how people actually think Reki Kawahara's works are good. They're not. They're merely otaku-pandering wish fulfillment that's all style and no real effort put into them.
Thanks given by:
Reference art for some of the games:
[Image: RkYro7f.png]

War Girl loading splash
War Girl Concept Art

Vista Quest on Sprites Unlimited
Vista Quest Pocket on Sprites Unlimited
Mandew vs the Forever Rain on Sprites Unlimited
Mandew vs the Colorless Curse on Sprites Unlimited

Or you could always... you know... play my games for inspiration.
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(08-27-2014, 01:45 PM)S Y A X A M A P H O N E Wrote: Reference art for some of the games:
[Image: RkYro7f.png]

Where's cat reference? :c
[Image: QJMycct.png]
Quote:I should ask Dr. Mario for medicine. Maybe hit up Little Nemo for a sedative. And slip into a Final Fantasy until the sequels get repetitive.
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dammit if i weren't so lazy azure game could be out and there could be super cool azure art

oh well

um um i might make something idk.
If at first you don't succeed.. you fail.
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here is mine:

[Image: 9k5Pvyu.png]
[Image: 29zbzus.gif][Image: 2v29yys.gif][Image: 29zbzus.gif]
Sux Wrote:I once had a dream that Yoshio irl was a cute anime girl
dorko4u Wrote:Yoshio sometimes I swear your brain's the size of a pea!
Thanks given by: Moon Hood , dorko4u , Dan J
7/10 Pollies
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Still Image:

[Image: oaGXDI7.png]


[Image: JTKjt8Y.gif]

(04-29-2011, 03:48 PM)Syaxamaphone Wrote: and you wonder why I don't like you

Thanks given by: Moon Hood , dorko4u , Megafire
It says animated but the rain is still. 0/10
Thanks given by: dorko4u , Player 2
I am lazy.

Please understand.

Here have a video version instead:

(04-29-2011, 03:48 PM)Syaxamaphone Wrote: and you wonder why I don't like you

Thanks given by: Megafire
It's funny because SYX really is neglecting the poor Witches for some shitty platforming game not even the main character cares about.

Also, for future reference, those are purple glasses on the purple witch.
Thanks given by: dorko4u , Megafire , Dan J , Player 2 , Syaxamaphone

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