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Vidya Game Music
Y'know, I've often had the temptation to reread the first post in this thread, but I was scared of it taking too long to load. 'Cuz of all the embed videos, of course. (Doesn't seem to be as bad now. Probably because half the links died, ha) I completely forgot about that whole "comment on the last song posted" or w/e, oops. Well, Nuclear Throne has great music. Uh, that song in particular is... interesting. Definitely memorable.

I've been on a visual novel kick lately, reading a lot of 'em. So I'm gonna post a buncha songs. (if nothing else, I'm sure VA-11 Hall-a counts as a game. hohohoo) Man, there's too many songs I like from VA-11 Hall-a. Picking specific ones to post is a bit of a pain.

... Ha. Just noticed "Drive me Wlid" on the thumbnail. Nice.
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Ah, I remember this!

I love this video!
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