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S&S Wiki Project - Syaxamaphone - 01-13-2017

Over the past few days, myself, randomanonguy, Megafire and a couple others have been slowly trying to fill out a decent information database for S&S games.

You can see what we've got so far here

I talked about it in the Discord a bit, but I'm looking for volunteers to help fill out the database. This will go beyond simply writing articles. I would also love to eventually start covering guides for things like secrets and collectibles for players to use.

If you're interested, jump onto the Discord Group and we can discuss. Even if its something as simple as proof-reading and fixing mistakes, every little bit helps the database grow!

RE: S&S Wiki Project - Space - 01-13-2017

I thought about helping with the wiki but I would most likely get bored and not finish much. Also I'd shitpost a bunch.