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24 Hour Make-A-Thon 2016 - Syaxamaphone - 10-07-2016

[Image: PS04Y3b.png]

It's that time again! On Saturday, November 5th and Sunday November 6th from 12pm - 12am UTC I'll be live streaming two marathon game making sessions where I make a small video game, live on camera for YOU!

Since we crushed last year's goal of $200, I'm setting this year's goal to $500! It's lofty, but I think we can do it to it!

How to participate:
The biggest thing you can do is to just stop by the stream (link to come) and show your support by watching/interacting. There will also be incentives (like the art thing last year) that you can potentially participate in and of course:

How to donate:
While the actual event isn't until November, donations are actually open today so you can pledge your support at anytime that suits you best! There are two ways to pay:

Via my Extra Life profile page - This one's probably the easiest since it goes directly to extra life, but you do need to enter some personal information (you can choose to remain anonymous and that information will not be shared). If you absolutely do not want to give extra life your information, then there's option B.

Via Paypal - If you donate to my paypal, I'll relay the payment to the extra life page. This method is not really preferred since we lose a bit of it in paypal fees and I gotta stop making to process payments, but I'll have the option available just in case! Make sure that you specify that its for extra life!

RE: 24 Hour Make-A-Thon 2016 - Dan J - 10-07-2016

Sweet. We already have 1/5th the $500 goal amount.

RE: 24 Hour Make-A-Thon 2016 - Syaxamaphone - 10-07-2016

holy fuk I didn't even do anything yet!

You guys are the real MVPs

RE: 24 Hour Make-A-Thon 2016 - Syaxamaphone - 11-04-2016

Ok so with the stream coming up on Saturday, I've decided to have some donation incentives this year! If you donate a certain amount on either Saturday or Sunday, you'll automatically be entered to win one from a selection of Steam games. I'll be holding two prize draws, one on Saturday night and another on Sunday night.

Donate at least $1:
One free steam key for the Khimera DLC costume

Donate at least $5:
You'll be entered to win one of the day's minor game prizes

Donate at least $10:
You'll be entered to win one copy of Owlboy as well as one of the day's minor game prizes.

Rules & Restrictions:
  • Donators are limited to one entry per day, additional donations made will not give you additional ballots in the daily draw.
  • Winning a prize on a daily draw will void your entry for future draws for that day (you only get one prize).
  • If you donate on the first day, you can donate on the second day as well to enter again (even if you won on day 1).
  • Only donations made after 10pm UTC on Friday, Nov 4 will be eligible for prizes
  • Donation Draws will take place after the stream ends on Saturday, Nov 5 and Sunday, Nov 6.
  • When donating, please include your steam account name in the body of the donation message to be eligible for prize draws or steam keys.
  • Only donations made via the Extra Life Page will be eligible for prize draws.

Saturday games will be drawn in this order - Owlboy, Dungeon Defenders, Nuclear Throne, Bridge Constructor, Mad Father
Sunday games will be drawn in this order - Owlboy, Rise of Nations: Extended Edition, Hotline Miami, Mad Father

RE: 24 Hour Make-A-Thon 2016 - Megafire - 11-06-2016


RE: 24 Hour Make-A-Thon 2016 - Space - 11-06-2016

Where is the damn link?

Edit: Nevermind. There it is ~~>

RE: 24 Hour Make-A-Thon 2016 - Syaxamaphone - 11-06-2016

Saturday prize draws are in one hour! Donate at least $5 to be eligible for some prizes!

RE: 24 Hour Make-A-Thon 2016 - Megafire - 11-07-2016

The stream is running right now, so just hop in when you can people!