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Manual Index

How to Play
-The goal of the game
The Heroes
-Class list and information
The Villians
-Details on the bad guys

How to Play

The Game

#1 - Game Log
-A constant log of battle information. When the battle is over, it will be saved as a text file to show off to your friends or to promptly delete.

#2 - The Saxtron 3000
-The main villian. He'll keep summoning his minions to keep you busy while he dishes out major damage.

#3 - Cohorts
-The cohorts are a little less complex and a lot easier to defeat. Defeating them will also net you some spare change.

#4 - Tactic Menu
-You will select your heroes' actions from menus like these. The coin icon means that action will cost coins.

#5 - The Heroes
-Enlist heroes to fight your battles for you. If they run out of HP, they will die and it will be all your fault.

#6 - HUD
-Your heroes' information is here, as well as coins in your bank, damage dealt and heroes lost.


-You'll need to do this at the beginning of the game. Choose which hero you want to enlist. You will need to pay a fee for enlisting a new hero. You don't necessarily need to pick three. In future turns, you can only enlist if you have a free space in your party.

-Every hero can attack. Attacking will do damage equal to your hero's attack power to one selected foe.

-Defending will give your hero a free pass and negate all damage taken until the next turn. If you do it every turn you will be invincible but never get anything accomplished.

Heal Other
-Anyone can heal another. Thats what friends are for. Keep in mind, a hero cannot heal themself. They will need a helping hand.

Medic Special - Super Heal
-At the cost of one coin, this medic-exclusive technique can heal a party member 10 health.

Mage Special - Magic Attack
-Mages can attack the entire enemy team for two coins. Damage will be equal to the mage's attack power.


Heroes have the ability to charge one and other by healing them while their target is defending. Charged heroes (indicated by the lightning bold icon) will do double the damage of their base attack!

Cohorts can also charge. Every five turns they will become increasingly stronger and gain one attack point. It would be in your best interest to stop them from being alive long enough to do that.

The Heroes

Soldier (30HP 1ATK COSTS 10): Soldiers are the most basic infantry. They have a low cost and high HP but lack any special abilities. You'll have the most coins left over for future units if you pick three of these guys (or girls).

Brawler (40HP 3ATK COSTS 30): Brawlers are powerful, durable fighters that come at a high cost. A charged brawler can defeat most cohorts in a single attack. Coupled with a medic, brawlers can be almost unstoppable.

Medic (20HP 1ATK COSTS 15): A support class that has access to the super heal. Low HP however makes them unfit for combat. Defending when nobody needs attention is a good strategy.

Mage (20HP 1ATK COSTS 20): The mage can strike foes down with their powerful magic attack. It will hit the entire enemy team. Costing only slightly more than the medic comes with the penalty of reduced HP.

The Villians

The Saxtron 3000: The final (only) boss of the game. Armed with a large arsenal of attacks and health in the triple-digits, you have your work cut out for you. As he weakens, he will boost his attack power to do more damage. Buff your team before working on damaging this frightening foe.

Cohorts: Cohorts come in many different forms but what you really need to look at is the adjective. The nature of the cohort dictates what stats and abilities it will have. By default they have an attack power of 2 and 5HP. They will always drop some coins on defeat. Here are a few examples of cohort natures:

  • Greedy: This breed of cohort will steal some of your money on attack.
  • Wild: At the cost of some attack power, the wild cohort will attack everyone
  • Negative Not only do they look cool, but they can negate your charge.


Display: In The Final Boss, you have three display options. You can view the action at the original 256x256 aspect ratio or double the fun at 512x512. The fullscreen option will automatically scale the display to the largest size that can fit your screen.

Sound: All sounds fall under two catagories; background music (bgm) or sound effects (snd). You can change either catagory's volume level from the title screen.

Controls: The default control scheme uses A and the arrow keys. You can change the control setup to your liking if you don't care for the default. There is also support for USB gamepads. Note that for Gamepad controls, the in-game directional buttons are automatically mapped to the controllers directional buttons. The escape key and F9 cannot be remapped.


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