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Loligaggin' - February 21, 2010

Author: Syax
Game Description: 'Don't let Syx get his hands on Reimu'

   Tap the weight to make it drop. Squish Syx to save the loli? Maybe...

Moonball - February 20, 2011

Author: Syax
Game Description: 'The only rule is: Moon is the ball'

   Moon got caught up in a rowsing game of volleyball. tap moon to send him flying.

Train Plague - February 20, 2011

Author: Mandew
Game Description: 'Stop Train! Collect coin!'

   Mixing Black Plague and Train Punch, press the P switch to turn the train into a silver coin. If you're too slow or hit the switch before the train is onscreen, you will lose.

Sound Effect - February 18, 2011

Author: Mandew
Game Description: 'Pick the appropriate sound effect!'

   Four sound effects will be listed off to you. When the animation appears, you must pick the most appropriate sound to match the image. For example, a gunshot noise will match the image of a man being shot.

Jenso Man R - November 27, 2010

Author: Mandew
Game Description: 'The return!'

   Tap the boot or fist icon to attack Tex, shutting him up for good.

Bonus Chance - November 6, 2010

Author: Mandew
Game Description: 'Get those stars! Get some 1-ups!'

   Tap the second and third boxes when the star is visible. If you lock into the wrong icons, you lose.


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