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Big Jump - June 1, 2010

Author: Bob
Game Description: 'Remember Luigi from Mario Bros 2?'

   Luigi's three worst fears stand in his way. Help him past bullet bills, pirahna plants and donut blocks by tapping at the right time. Help fuel Luigi's coin addiction.

McSyxburger - May 30, 2010

Author: Syax
Game Description: 'SYX is Serving up Some Trouble.'

   Syax is serving up promises. Give Moon the right item or else he'll raise a ruckus in your resteraunt. Nobody wants that now.

Magnet Golf - May 22, 2010

Author: Mandew
Game Description: 'Use magnets to change the course!'

   You are a terrible golfer and you missed the hole completly. Luckily you can tap magnets to guide the ball towards the hole. Do it before the game ends to win the microgame.

Train Punch - May 21, 2010

Author: Bob
Game Description: 'Stop the train with one fist!'

   TheUntamedLegend stands ready to stop a speeding train with only his fists and perfection to help him. Luckily thats way more than enough to get the job done. Tap the screen to punch. Punch the train or the game will crash.

Bumpty March - May 21, 2010

Author: Mandew
Game Description: 'You can be star of this parade!'

   Tap to keep the small penguin moving. If he is too slow or too fast, you'll collide with another penguin and lose.

Aaand...NOW! - May 20, 2010

Author: Bob
Game Description: 'Hit the targets! Avoid blue ones!'

   An entry for one of the DIY design contests. When the targets appear, tap the three red ones to win. Take too long or tap one of the blue targets and you lose.


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