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To the Rim - May 20, 2010

Author: Mandew
Game Description: 'Don't go making a mess, now.'

   Tap anywhere on the screen to start/stop the faucet. Stop it at the top to win the game. If the sink overflows, you lose AND flood your house.

Stand Off - May 16, 2010

Author: Syax
Game Description: 'Bob Has Had Enough of Your Attitude.'

   Simply wait for the '!' to appear, then tap anywhere on the screen. If you react faster than your aponent, you win. Tapping too early counts as a loss. Can't jump the gun now.

Night Picnic - May 14, 2010

Author: Mandew
Game Description: 'Furwig is hungry, but not for a sock'

   In this game, three objects will fall at random. Tap the apple to win. If you tap the sock or the pepper, you lose.

Black Plague - May 13, 2010

Author: Mandew
Game Description: 'Stop Black Plague! Collect sil. coins!'

   Quickly tap the P switch to stop the ghosts in their tracks. But the game doesn't end there, tap all the coins to complete the game. If a ghost touches Mario or not all the coins are collected, you lose.

Para-Syx - May 8, 2010

Author: Syax
Game Description: 'How Does That Tiny Balloon Carry Him?'

   Syx needs to land on that platform. In his way? A cannon ball and a balloon. Stop the cannonball or it will pop the balloon too soon and poor Syax will fall to his death. After avoiding the cannonball, pop the balloon at the right time and land safely on the platform. You win!

Poké Radar - May 4, 2010

Author: Mandew
Game Description: 'Don't let the wild Pokémon get away!'
Updated: May 14, 2010

   A Wild pokemon is hiding in the bushes. Tap the right bush (indicated by !! marks) to keep it from escaping. Includes a nice port of RBY Route 1 theme.


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