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The Story
-Another Island in Peril...
Getting Started
-How to play
-Who is even in this game?

The Story

A dark fog has fallen over Costa Vista, a small island to the North. Our hero is concerned that the enigmatic darkness that has already threatened the island twice in the past has returned once more. Apon reaching the island, the hero discoveres the root cause to be a much more local threat.

His sister.

Getting Started


From the title screen, you can modify the game's settings via the options menu. Settings will be saved apon exiting the options menu.

Controls: You can customize most of the game's keys in this menu. The four directions, Jump, Run and pause can be set to your preferences. You can also set up the game to use a USB gamepad if you so choose. Special function keys such as escape and F9 cannot be remapped.

Screen Size: There are three preset screen sizes to choose from. 1x (default resolution of 256x224), 2x (512x448) and 4x (1024x896). Changing the screen size will also recenter the window for you. You can also toggle fullscreen mode. Fullscreen will automatically set the screen to the largest possible size while maintaining the aspect ratio.

Screenshots taken with F9 will always save in the game's native 256x224 resolution.

Sound: Volume for the background music and sound effects can be modified independently from 0 to 10 (10 being the loudest, believe it or not).

Stage Select

Once you start your game, you will be directed to the stage select. You can select which stage you would like to play from here. By default, only the first stage is unlocked and you will need to beat it to unlock more. From the stage select you can see your best score and time for each stage. The image of a goal coin means that the stage is beaten. The image of a V coin means you have already collected this stage's V coin. Use A to play a stage and S to return to the title menu.


#1 - The Player
-The island hero is back again to lay the sibling smackdown. Navigate stages using A to jump, S to run and down to deploy your trusty yo-yo. Failing to avoid hazards will result in your untimely demise.

#2 - Enemies
-Chances are, if it moves and is not also you, it is out to get you. Pay attention to the kind of enemy you are facing as spiked enemies can't be jumped on and stone or bone enemies are immune to your yo-yo. Some might even be immune to both!

#3 - Coins
-Coins are worth ten points each. Aside from making a cute noise, they don't really do a whole lot.

#4 - Checkpoint
-Passing through a checkpoint will save your position in a level. If you die, you will start here when the level reloads. Exiting to the stage select via the pause menu will cancel your checkpoint. Though your score and coins are forgotten when you die, your time will simply revert to what you had when first passing the checkpoint.

#5 - HUD
-The number at the top is your score. Dieing will cost you all of your points. The score you have at the end of the level will be recorded for future generations. Try to complete the entire level from start to finish to net the highest scores.

The bottom right is your time. You are not limited in time, but keep in mind that your best times are also recorded for future generations. You don't want to be remembered for being slow, now do you? In race mode, this timer will be replaced with a more accurate race mode timer that will keep cumulative time over the course of the entire run. Even though it doesn't show, record breaking times are still being recorded while you race.

Your coins are kept track of too. If you can collect at least 50, it will reset and you will be awarded an extra 500 points.

Goal Coin When you see this, grab it to end the level. Completing a level will unlock the next level.

V Coin V coins are worth 500 points. There is one in every stage. Collect them all to unlock additional secret levels.

Card Worth 200 points. Each card you find will unlock a different character bio in the library section of the title screen. There are twenty hidden throughout the game, but there is no garuntee how many are in each stage. It will be up to you to explore.

Even after V coins and cards are collected, you can still collect them again for points.


Island Hero

The hero of Vista Island. He usually keeps to himself so not a lot is known about him. When not saving the island, our hero enjoys building things and free running. During the events of the original Vista Quest, the island hero was suprised to find that he was immune to the possession spell used by the darkness, allowing him to fight back on behalf of the island.

Our hero lost his parents at a young age to the natural dangers of the island. After which, he and his sister went their seperate ways. Until now, he had not seen her since.

Rumour has it he has a fairly large house somewhere in the jungle. He built it himself.

Oh and ladies, he's single~

The Dark Witch

A young witch well-versed in black magic. Before she was inspired by the sorcerrer of Vista Quest 2, she worked in a book store in town where she studied her mother's magic books. Most of the town's population tend to avoid her due to her bad attitude and short temper. Though a little rough around the edges and misguided, the dark witch might not be such a bad person.

The dark witch is jealous of her brother's strength and popularity with the islanders. While her brother prefers the wilderness, she enjoys the luxeries of town life (which really isn't very different on Vista Island). Her favorite color is black and she enjoys chess, reading and gardening.

An exert from her grandmother's diary describes a powerful monster that once terrorized the island in the early 1900s. She was responsible for saving the island so many years ago. Perhaps being a hero runs in the family...


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