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Card Guide

In Vista Quest pocket, there are 20 cards hidden throughout the game's 18 levels. Cards behave a lot like V-coins, they are worth 200 points on collection and can be collected any number of times. Once the card is collected for the first time however, its corresponding library entry will become visible in the Library section of the main menu. There are no solid rules on card placement. Some levels will have multiple while others will have none at all.

Finding all 20 cards will allow you to view the entire library.

An example of a library page

Card Location Chart:
A quick breakdown on card locations for those who just need a little help. The section below will have more in depth coverage on card locations. This is just a general reference.

level 1-1none level 2-12 level 3-1none
level 1-22 level 2-21 level 3-21
level 1-31 level 2-3none level 3-31
level 1-4none level 2-41 level 3-42
level 1-51 level 2-52 level 3-53
level 1-S1 level 2-Snone level 3-S2

Card Locations

For quick, to the point card finding, use this handy guide:

World 1

You can find your first card in 1-2 above the first wall kicking segment. When you go for the 2x4 block of coins, you may notice you can pass through the ceiling. Above the false ceiling is your first card.

Again in 1-2, immediately after the checkpoint you will see missing land indicating a false wall. On the other side you will find the card.

In 1-3, after the first Bouh (the mole guy), the card will be barely visible inside the pit. You will need to advance forward and defeat the second Bouh to be able to grab the card risk free.

Your next card will be in 1-5 near the end. Just left of the second checkpoint actually. Can't miss it.

The final card for world 1 is in 1-S. You can actually see it after you hit the green switch, but you cannot access it until the very end. Jump past the goal to reach the card.

World 2

Level 2-1 will have two cards. The first is located above the first cave segment right at the beginning. After exiting the cavern, head to the left through a false wall.

The second card in 2-1 is after the first maze segment. Before going through the passage with the red switch blocks, head upwards instead to find a card hiding above.

In 2-2, you will find the card at the very end of the stage. Jump across the pit leading into the goal to collect the card.

The next card is right at the beginning of 2-4. Just jump to the right to find it.

At the beginning of 2-5, take the first lift going upwards to find the card near the top of the stage.

Just after the first checkpoint in 2-5, during the segment with two lifts and spikes, jump across the two downwards lifts before going down to reach a card on the other side.

World 3

In 3-2, after the checkpoint you will go through a gray switch block segment. After the wall kicking portion of this segment, head to the left through a false wall to find the card.

Just before the final jump pad in 3-3, stick to the right when choosing paths in the final segment and you will see the card.

3-4 will have two cards after the second checkpoint. After taking the false wall into the V-Coin segment and collecting the V-Coin, stick to the center of the long drop. You should fall into the card on your way down.

You can wall kick off of the side of a spike trap at the very end of 3-4 to snag the card.

Level 3-5 will have a total of three cards. Your first card will be right after the moving platform segment (2nd floor). Once Mosaic is out of the way, jump in and grab the card.

Your reward for defeating the first Mashou in 3-5 will be a card. Coincidentally, this card unlocks Mashou's library entry.

The final card of 3-5 is right before the boss's chamber. You will need to have hit the red and yellow switches earlier in the level in order to get to this card and the green switch. Just take the path above right before the final checkpoint.

The first card in 3-S is just left of the start. You will need to jump to get to it.

The final card will be just after the red and gray switch block segment in 3-S. Take the group of momentum arrows and hang left. The card will be just a little further left afterwards.


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