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Game Info

Vista Quest Pocket

Download: ZIP file - 18.5MB (877 downloads)

Release: December 20, 2013
Current Version: 2.1
OS: Windows Vista and up
Summary: The nearby island of Costa Vista has been taken over by the dark witch/sister of our favourite island hero! It's up to you to platform your way through 18 of the most wall-kickinest levels to date to save the island. Register on our forum to upload your final score when you beat the game.

  • Use the arrow keys to navigate menus and move the Hero.
  • Press A to jump, S to run and Q to pause.
  • Press the down arrow or D to use your yoyo
  • Change controls to your liking in game.
  • USB and Xinput compatible.
  • F1 at any time to view full controls.

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