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Ghost Guide

The Ghost Guide

Welcome to the ghost guide, a guide explaining the cryptic mystery behind the hidden ghosts of Vista Island. I'm the Syaxamaphone and I'll be your pilot this evening as we hunt for the 20 hidden ghosts. Want to find them yourself? No problem. The first section will simply explain the rules better, the actual location guide would be further down.

What are the hidden ghosts?
In Vista Quest 2, there are 20 hidden ghost enemies scattered around the island. These ghosts remain invisible until hit by the yo-yo. Upon contact, they show themselves. While visible, they can now damage you should you happen to collide with one. Simply jump on its head to defeat it. At this point, the ghost is forever beaten and will not re spawn.

What do I get for finding them all?
By finding and defeating all 20 ghosts, you get the 'Ghoul Patrol' achievement, required for 100% completion.

Four per world, one per level.
They hide outdoors, but in the shade.
Use your yo-yo to flush them out.

The Rules:
-there is at max, one ghost per level
-exactly four levels per world house a ghost
-ghosts are always in the same place in their level
-ghosts are completely invisible until hit with the yo yo
-ghosts will not be in indoor levels (caves, castles, etc.)
-only parts of the level covered by background tiles will house ghosts. Ghosts will not be hidden in areas where the parallax-scrolling background is visible.
-visible ghosts don't count for completion, the ghost must be jumped on and defeated to count.
-defeated ghosts will show up on your ghost tracker stat screen for easy completion tracking.

Ghost Location Chart:
This handy chart will simply reveal the levels the ghosts reside in. This chart will not reveal specific locations (more on that below) for those who want to find the ghosts themselves.

World 1 World 2 World 3 World 4 World 5
1-2 2-1 3-1 4-2 5-1
1-6 2-3 3-3 4-4 5-5
1-7 2-6 3-7 4-6 5-6
1-S 2-S 3-S 4-8 5-8

Ghost Locations

Ghost Locations

The following section will show the location of each ghost in greater detail with an image for easy ghost hunting.

Autumn Outback

The first ghost is located in level 1-2 right at the beginning. Simply attack from the small wooden platform before the first wall kick challange.

This ghost is hidden with the costume behind the wall in level 1-6. Between the beginning and the checkpoint, there is a false wall leading to the ghost's hiding place.

The third ghost is hidden atop the stairs just before the checkpoint in level 1-7. To jump on it without taking a hit, you need to enter the hidden path over the spiked area through its exit by the wooden platforms.

Hidden in 1-S, the final ghost of world 1 is in the cavern with the long wooden platform floor near the beginning.

Rustic Rainforest

In 2-1, the first ghost of world 2 is hidden at the top of the pit just before the Vcoin. You can hit it from beside the fire-spitting plant.

After the first part underwater, just before the checkpoint in 2-3, the ghost is hidden just above water level.

This ghost is hidden in 2-6 before the checkpoint. It can be hit while riding the moving platform.

Again, just before the Vcoin in level 2-S, the ghost is hidden under the spiked area. It can only be hit at low tide. It can be jumped on by moving over it as the tide lowers.

Dusty Desert

Hidden in 3-1, the ghost resides in the cavern with the fan just before the checkpoint.

The ghost in 3-3 is easy to miss. Its hiding in the small passage just after the Vcoin. You need to pass trough it while its turning solid to get above it.

The poor thing didn't choose a very good hiding spot in 3-7. The ghost is in the upper part of the room with the grey spider just before the goal.

This ghost is an easy find in 3-S. The final ghoul is on the upper floor of the blue fort. Best tackled before you grab the briefcase.

Mt. Vista

The first ghost of Mt. Vista is hidden just left of a safe spot on the track of the second long distance moving platform right before the checkpoint.

Hidden in a rectangular room in 4-4. The ghost's domain is just before the checkpoint.

This ghost makes its home in 4-6. It's hiding on the moving platform track just before the goal.

The final ghost is a taxing find. It's hidden in the very top-right corner of 4-8's second maze area.

Shiver Summit

The first ghost of world 5 breaks the rules. You won't find it resting in the shade. In 5-1, the ghost is hiding just after the row of fire plants during the second vertical segment.

Again, the ghost isn't covered. This time in 5-5. Just after the checkpoint, you can find the stealthy spectre just to the right of the level's only green moving platform.

Right next door in 5-6, the ghost awaits in one of the first covered areas right at the beginning. An easy find this late in the game.

The final ghost is hiding out in the secret cavern of 5-8. The cavern can be accessed from the tube-like crevasse just before the first pack of jellyfish early in the level. You can break the snow dew hiding here for an achievement as well.


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