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The Story
-An Island in Peril...
Getting Started
-How to play
-Island Dangers
Go for the Gold!
-Tips and Tricks to a high score

The Story

Vista Island, remotely located somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean, is a beautiful place. Snow-capped mountains surrounded by dense jungle and golden fields. The people of Vista Island live in peace.

That peace was challenged when a great darkness cast itself over the island. The darkness hypnotized the island's wildlife, forcing them to turn on the humans they coexisted with. Almost all hope was lost when a young man emerged from the depths of the jungle. Now it's up to him to save the island from certain peril.

Getting Started

Game pad Support

To enhance your game playing experience, try using a game pad. Vista Quest supports USB game pads that can be configured at game start or from the title menu.


#1 - The Player
-The player character is tasked with the job to clear out the darkness and save the island! Use the arrow keys to move left and right and A to jump. These buttons can be reconfigured to your liking in-game.

#2 - Enemies
-Giant mushrooms, cacti and flowers will stop at nothing to keep you from completing your quest. Dispose of most enemies by jumping on them.

#3 - Coins
-Not only will coins yield 10 points each. Collect as many as you can!

#4 - HUD
-The bright yellow bar is your coin meter. When at max, you can activate coin rush mode by pressing the S key. Coin rush grants you double speed and invincibility. Coin Rush cannot be activated on boss levels. The number keeps track of your score. Defeat multiple enemies in a row and collect lots of coins to maximize your score.


Pingo: Common Mushroom enemies scattered throughout the island.

Pingon: Yellow variation is equally common

The Amazing Cactus Man: Half man, half cactus; has a prickly personality.

Hisubo: Shoots fire at timed intervals, cannot be jumped on.

Ghost: High flying poltergeists that are immune to your attacks.

Gorah: Boss of the first area, he likes to throw his weight around.

Go for the Gold!

Upon completion of the game, you will receive a final tally, showing you how well you did. The final tally includes your score, deaths, distance ran, coin rushes used, etc. The score you achieve through regular gameplay is not your final score. Your final score is calculated by taking your score and subtracting 100 points for every death and one point for every second it took you to complete the game. With this in mind, here are a few tips on how to get the best final score:

Leave no Stone Unturned: Though you lose points for time taken, its much more profitable to take the time to collect every coin and defeat every enemy you can. One coin is worth 10 seconds so if it takes less than 10 seconds to grab that one extra coin, you are profiting yourself.

Don't Farm Death: When you die, your score will revert to what it was when you originally started the level. You cannot cultivate extra points by dying repeatedly in a single level.

Strategy is Key: Your coin rush is a very useful tool. Save it for areas of high enemy traffic like where the flowers gather in 1-3.

Be Stylish: You can get extra points by jumping on multiple enemies without touching the ground. Try to take advantage of this as often as you can.


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